Bramcote Archery Club


The Bramcote Archery Club is a new club with a long history. The club was formerly known as the Rolls Royce Bowmen of Sherwood but after 58 years the club was asked to move from their field at Hucknall. A new field was found in Bramcote and the club reconstituted in October 2014 as the Bramcote Archery Club. Although the venue has changed, the club’s successful legacy continues.

The club has around 50 members of all ages and abilities, often with parents and children both on the ‘shooting line’ together. A junior club is attached to the main club to support the development of young archers (and to keep the juniors’ fees low) and the club offers training to young archers, free of charge, in a couple of local schools.

The training and development of our members is supported by a team of ArcheryGB qualified and experienced coaches, two of whom have achieved Level 2 status. There are a further four coaches at Level 1 and there is usually a coach to be found whenever we are shooting to help with encouragement and advice. The support has resulted in success at local, regional, national and international levels. Two of our junior members are included in the East Midlands team and one has just been chosen for the England squad!

The size of the field has allowed the club to host a number of county and national open tournaments in Bramcote which have attract not only local archers but archers from any club in the country.

Participation in archery is not all about success in competition and many members of the club enjoy shooting for leisure, continuing the centuries’ old tradition of English archery.


We shoot a number of different styles including Olympic recurve, compound, barebow as well as traditional archery of longbow and even Scythian horsebow!


Shooting is available all year round on the field to the rear of Bramcote Sports and Community College (Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3GA) providing at least two fully paid adult members are on the field.

Summer season (April to end of September)

In summer we shoot on the Bramcote field. Club Nights are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We also shoot on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Winter season (October to end of March)

In winter we shoot indoors at Bramcote Barn (Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3GA) on Monday evenings (5.00 to 9.00). We also shoot at the Greasley Sports Centre (Dovecote Rd, Newthorpe, Nottingham NG16 3QN) on Saturday afternoons (2.00 to 5.00).

Hardy souls also shoot outdoors on Sunday mornings during winter on the Bramcote field (11.00 to 13.30).


The annual membership fee covers all shooting on the field whether in summer or winter. Senior membership is currently £120 and junior membership is £15. The subscription covers membership of the club and compulsory affiliation to ArcheryGB, the governing body for archery in Great Britain.

A small additional charge is made for winter indoor shooting to help cover the cost of hiring the halls.

Visitors from other clubs are welcome at any time, whether shooting in a tournament or for leisure. The Visitors’ fee is £3.00.


Get in touch!

We offer ‘Have a go’ sessions and Beginners’ Courses (dates yet to be arranged). The Beginners’ Course covers the basics of shooting with an emphasis on safety. At the end of the course you will be given a certificate of participation which acts as a ‘passport’ for joining, or visiting, an archery club.

During the course you will be using club equipment and can continue to hire this for a while after completing the course. When the time comes to buy your own kit, the club coaches will be able to offer advice on suitable bows, arrows and the other equipment that you will need.


For further information about Bramcote Archery Club contact:

Sharon Dicks, Club Secretary. Email or 07742 553 634.

See us on Facebook (Bramcote Archery Club open)

Come and meet us on the field!


To find out more about archery locally and in Great Britain go to:

Nottinghamshire Archery Society
East Midlands Archery Association
English Archery Federation
Archery GB

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