2nd Bramcote Beavers Community Work

Simon Wilson writes: I am the leader at the 2nd Bramcote Beaver colony on Hanley Avenue.

We have large and enthusiastic group of 24 6-8 year olds and as part of our work at beavers would like to become more active and helpful in our community.

Although our skills may be limited this is by far outweighed by our enthusiasm and energy and are looking for ways we can put this to good use within our locality.

It would be good for the Beavers if we could help with gardening/litter picking/odd jobs etc of either communal areas or private gardens perhaps of those elderly or infirm who may need some extra help.

It would also be good to involve the children with some of the older members of our community for some shared activities and bridge some of the generation gaps which may be beneficial to all.

Hopefully you would be able to put us in touch with some suitable people/organizations and we could get something into work.

If you can help put us in touch with those needing help please contact me

Simon Wilson
2nd Bramcote Beaver Scouts
Hanley ave


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