Comments on the Field Farm planning application by STRAG

Zoë Cockcroft and Nathalie Morelle write: Following the release of Field Farm from the Green Belt and the outline planning permission given for up to 450 houses in November 2014, a detailed planning application has been submitted by Westerman Homes to Broxtowe Borough council for part of the site, and made public on 17 December. 

This deals with about one-third of the Field Farm site, the south-western corner, between Ilkeston Road, Trowell Road, the footpath from Ilkeston Road and Boundary Brook. The proposal is for 118 houses, of which 33 (28%) affordable – 24 1-bedroom units, 10 2-bedroom, 29 3-bedroom, 27 4-bedroom and 13 5-bedroom. Most houses are 2 storeys high and a few 3 storeys. All are individual houses except for some houses with two or four 1-bedroom apartments (no larger apartments are planned). 

Disappointingly, the application takes no notice of the suggestions by STRAG (supported by many of you) to approach the planning of the site as a whole and to take measures to spare the most valuable parts of the site by using higher densities in other parts. No plans are provided for the remainder of the site, and the proposed density of 37 dwellings per hectare in this phase 1 would probably not allow for any reduction of the spread of the development (if all 450 dwellings are eventually built).

The plans are accessible on Broxtowe Borough Council Website under ref. 15/00841/REM ( The Planning and Design Statement is a good point to start. 

The public consultation is not open yet but we urge you to start studying the documents and prepare comments to address to the Council in January. Please give special attention to ecological impact and mitigation measures, flood control, traffic and social cohesion issues. Refer as far as possible to relevant documents such as the National Planning Policy Framework and the Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategy, which have requirements in terms of environmental impact and quality of design: while the developers quotes some, compliance may not resist detailed scrutiny! The Council needs solid legal arguments to refuse permission or require substantial modifications. Do not hesitate to talk about your concerns with Town/Parish and Borough Councillors as well as with Broxtowe’s MP Anna Soubry.

STRAG will study the plans in details and publish further guidance soon. In the meanwhile, we wish you a good build-up to Christmas, a very happy celebration and all the best for the New Year! 

Kind regards,  Zoe and Nathalie

Zoë Cockcroft, Chair  Nathalie Morelle, Secretary, Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG),


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One Response to Comments on the Field Farm planning application by STRAG

  1. Steve Carr says:

    The consultation is open and you can comment on Broxtowe BC website.

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