Anna Soubry MP – Press Release – Shale Gas

Anna Soubry MPAnna Soubry MP has given a cautious welcome to the plan to explore for shale gas in a small part of Broxtowe.

Anna said “any future for fracking must involve a full consultation with all local residents and I would urge people to get the facts before rejecting the potential benefits shale gas offers.”

Energy company “Warwick Energy” has been awarded an onshore exploration licence, which could include parts of Broxtowe. The company will be carrying out a review of the area for up to two years, during which time no drilling operations will be undertaken.

Anna added “this is an exploratory licence, and we remain a long way from permission being granted to actively extract gas. I strongly believe that operations should be safe, and must not be at the great expense of local communities or the environment. I will be meeting the company’s director in January to seek assurances and discuss these issues further”.

If drilling is deemed appropriate, Warwick Energy will have to follow the necessary steps, including a consultation and an environmental impact assessment, before any planning permission request can be made for specific sites. It is unlikely that any drilling activities will commence before 2020.

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20 Responses to Anna Soubry MP – Press Release – Shale Gas

  1. Steve Carr says:

    So why on earth did we sign the Climate Change Accord in Paris. Saying one thing nationally and doing another domestically. The day after the Givernment approve of drilling under National Parks they cut back on solar energy!

    I am well aware of the risks of fracking. It is a shame our MP doesn’t as it will affect half of her constituency. It was also noticeable that at least 50% of Conservative councillors had not got a clue about this issue at the Council meeting last night. I respectfully suggest that they find out as quickly as possible as this is will hit the Planning Committee pretty soon.

    At a time when we need to be cutting back on carbon emissions, extracting new sources of carbon doesn’t make sense.

    • Late last month the County Council granted planning permission for more shale gas exploration in Nottinghamshire.

      My latest blog reflects on how Labour voted in favour of further shale gas exploration in Nottinghamshire, Conservatives voted against and the LibDems… cast the deciding vote in favour of further shale gas exploration in a 6-5 vote.

      More details at:

      Paul Nathanail

      Please consider voting for PAUL NATHANAIL, the Independent candidate for Bramcote & Beeston North in the County Council elections on 4 May 2017 to help retain land and school buildings in public ownership.

      Promoted by Peter Nathanail on behalf of Paul Nathanail, both of eighty six Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham, NGNine 3F(H)aitch

  2. Jayne Heal says:

    Do it next to your house then!

  3. Thelma Hembury says:

    Well said Steve. I can’t believe she agreed to it.

  4. Jackie Wickham says:

    How on earth are we going to meet our targets to get temperature rise below 2% if we support an industry that will mean using more fossil fuels for energy production whilst at the same time cutting subsidies for green energy. I am aghast at the double speak of this government.

  5. Barry Morrison says:

    So we signed the Climate Change Accord in Paris..I told you on another forum Steve it’s not worth the recycled paper it’s printed on..The African, Asian and South American countries will just ignore it…As always

  6. Jane Bowden says:

    Aren’t we already in a slightly ‘unstable’ area due to all the old mineworks? Won’t this potentially disturb the ground even more? And I agree about carbon – the two policies are incompatible!

  7. Graham Taylor says:

    What about the Open Cast Mine at Cossall? Can our councillors and MP confirm that this is now dead in the water.

    Also, does any MP actually realise that most of our drinking water comes from reservoirs that are IN national Parks? If you pollute the ground water (as fracking does) how come you would not pollute drinking water which comes from these reservoirs?

    After the Paris agreement all carbon emitting fossil fuel (and yes this includes fracking) has to be banned if we are to meet the “agreement ” forged in Paris.

    Can’t see that Paris has been anything other than a glorified talking shop full of so much hot air that it will have worsened global warming.

    Also Anna’s suggestion of free town parking showing that she is beginning to lose the plot. Or is it that Government traditionally does its most controversial legislation in its first two years of office?

  8. Joan Wade says:

    Very bad news for anyone in Bramcote who values their health or their property.

  9. patrickratcliffe says:

    It really shows where this government stands.
    Brave words at the Climate Change talks in Paris, followed by a signature, on another piece of meaningless paper.
    This is followed by trashing the solar and wind subsidies, preventing homeowners from acting in their own quiet way to support our planet, and by putting hundreds out of work, people who have invested time, money and effort becoming certificated to install.
    Finally, the encouragement of private money to develop further fossil-fuel, carbon rich energy, in the form of fracking for shale gas.
    And all with the typical Tory smile of self satisfaction.

  10. Jane Bowden says:

    Anna, it would be good to have a response to these very real concerns, and to hear that you are going to present them to the relevant government department.

  11. Howard Shakespeare says:

    What would people prefer. Fracking for shale or a coal mine under their homes?
    The former wins hands down!
    The UK needs energy. Its better to frack than import oil.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      On what basis do you base your argument Howard. Where is your evidence that people would prefer fracking to a coal mine? Based on the other posts on this forum, I would say that the posts against fracking 8, against the posts for fracking 1, neutral 2, I would say that most of the population are against the process.

      • Steve Carr says:

        I don’t want fracking or new mines. What about wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, hydroelectricity? You know the things that this Government are systematically trying to destroy.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Howard – Your comment makes about as much sense as asking if we want a poke in the eye or punch on the nose. We do not want either. Denmark can produce a 140% of its electricity needs from wind. They sell the surplus. How cool is that? While we do long term damage to our health, the environment and our bank balance with fracking, open cast coal and nuclear the Danes are able to make money out of the hot air generated by British politicians.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Interesting article Joan, especially as it was in an Australian publication but ‘copied’ from The Guardian in June.

  12. patrickratcliffe says:

    Sadly Mr Shakespeare, you never seem to engage in a debate, just pontificate.
    Your ‘choice’ is both meaningless and irrelevant, as so many of the options available to us in this anti-carbon world have been ignored, both by you and this government.
    Of course we need energy, but we don’t need our countryside destroyed by the global multi-nationals who care about little else but profit.
    Have a jolly Christmas.

  13. Ian Blakeley says:

    Just after the General Election in, I think, the Nottingham Post, the result were shown with this Typo:- Anna Soubry – Conswervative – X votes. I was under the impression that she was against fracking as well as the proposed opencast mine in the area. I think that the typo is proving correct.

  14. Chris Smith says:

    As someone who was worked in the power industry for 29 years it’s so disheartening to see this new chapter of Fracking being formed. Where we sit today is based on three decades of shockingly poor energy policy driven by political flip flopping and self interest, pressure from multinationals, and short term government spending and saving plans.

    Yes we do need a debate about what Fracking really involves, provided that debate is a completely open debate where those taking part have to ability to influence the outcomes. I fear any debate could be a show piece sat behind predetermined outcomes. Supported by recent changes in planning rules negatively for Wind and positively towards Fracking.

    What is most important above everything is that carbon use is carbon use, where ever you extract it from. It’s time for a new approach to producing and using electricity and heating our homes. I have no clue how shale gas being fed into conventional boilers and power stations achieves any of that urgent change that becomes increasingly important each year we continue to procrastinate about clean energy. Oh and please let’s not get caught up in the nonsense that Shale Gas is clean energy.

    Broxtowe does not need Fracking, the U.K. does not need Fracking, our planet does not need Fracking.

  15. Tuesday sees Notts county Council’s planning committee decide on the planning application for further exploration for shale gas at the Tinker Lane site.

    County council officers have recommended approval but identified some 50 conditions to apply to the permission if granted.

    The wording of the National Planning Guidance makes it hard to see anything other than the granting permission.

    Some good background information is at:

    And here:

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