Stapleford Children Help Brighten Their Neighbourhood‏

Stapleford Children Help Brighten Their Neighbourhood‏

Stapleford Children Help Brighten Their Neighbourhood‏

Local schoolchildren in Stapleford helped brighten up their local area earlier this month as they braved the chilly weather to plant over 1,000 bulbs around a special bench on Ewe Lamb Lane, thanks to funding from Broxtowe Borough Council.

The children, from year 6 at Wadsworth Primary School helped plant the Narcissus ‘Jack Snipe’ bulbs around the seat, which was gifted to local residents by the Stapleford Core Group a few years ago and has become a popular spot to enjoy the local surroundings from amongst residents.

Mayor of Stapleford, Councillor Ray Darby was joined by local Councillors and the children, many of whom are part the school’s gardening club and quickly and enthusiastically planted the 1,000 bulbs in under an hour.

The bulbs, a dwarf variety, will see their first flowers in April 2016 and will then naturalise to produce a display each spring, to signal the start of the longer, sunnier days.

Broxtowe Borough Council have planted over 15,000 bulbs around the Borough this Autumn.

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3507, email or visit

Source: Broxtowe Borough Council Press Release.

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