Anna Soubry MP – Our great towns are on their way back

Anna Soubry MPHello again,  I was delighted to welcome Bill Grimsey to Stapleford this afternoon. Bill is a highly experienced retail guru who wrote a great review of the future of Britain’s High Streets.   Bill gave an inspiring talk to traders and councillors organised by Stapleford Town team led by the excellent Amy Davis of Tailored To You. As a result I have undertaken to concentrate on getting wi-fi throughout the town and a Stapleford App. 

I began today with a meeting with Ikea and Kimberley Town Councils Chair and Deputy Chair, Roy Plumb and Shane Easom. Ikea have agreed to work with the Town Council with a view to promoting Kimberley and supporting events in the town. This is something I have been keen to encourage. 

On an equally positive note I am delighted that Broxtowe Borough Council is in the process of putting forward plans for the total re-development of Beeston Town Centre. Councillors and officers now have the sort of scale of vision and imagination Beeston desperately needs.

I have already met the new owners of Beeston Business Park and discussed their plans for the Rylands.   I sense a real optimism about the future of our three towns and am pleased that old disputes and differences are being put to one side.

Please read on for more details of my work as your MP.

As ever,  Anna 

Hidden BakerySmall Business Saturday success  Thank you to everyone who supported last week’s Small Business Saturday and shopped locally. It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed getting and about. it was fitting that Kimberley saw the opening of a new shop on James Street – the Hidden Bakery. I wish them all success.  Find out more about the Hidden Bakery here >>

White Hills Park Federation – does the business!  WHF

WHP Federation is leading the way having launched its first Business Club. Last Friday’s event included presentations on apprenticeships and from a great social enterprise. 


Runner Up Albie Clifford and winner Isobel Shaw at St John's C of E Primary, Stapleford.

Runner Up Albie Clifford and winner Isobel Shaw at St John’s C of E Primary, Stapleford.

Christmas card winner     Congratulations and a huge thanks to 9 year old Isobel Shaw from St John’s C of E Primary School in Stapleford who has won this year’s Christmas Card competition.   Isobel’s winning design is on the 12,000 Christmas cards I am sending out in the post and by email.   I was delighted to present Isobel with her prizes, a large print of her great design and some early Christmas presents.    Runner ups include Ciara Donnelly of Fairfield Primary, Amy Cook of Greasley Beauvale Primary, Marianne Kockenberger of Bramcote Hills School, Harvey Glover of Awsworth Primary and Nursery, Matthew Winson of Mornington Primary and Albie Clifford, also of St John’s C of E Primary.   The standard of entries this year was very high and I would like to thank everyone who took part.

OXJAM 2015 smashes fundraising record   Oxjam has won the ‘UK Fundraiser of the Year Award’ from Oxfam after raising £17,020, smashing the previous record of £12,600. Congratulations to everyone who helps organise the annual event; making Beeston a town which enjoys and celebrates live music will do much to regenerate it.

Bramcote IslandBramcote Island update  

Borough Councillor Jan Goold has secured 5,000 spring bulbs to be planted on Bramcote Island next week. Jan continues to work with Highways England on a long term solution to the roundabout and designs for the final work are being discussed.    More details as they emerge.

CCentral Collegeentral College Horizons collage – A huge thank you to Horizons students at Central College opposite my constituency office. They invited me back today to  present me with a stunning collage taken from a photography project which I saw in its early stages a few weeks ago. the picture will take pride of place in my Westminster office which I use for many high level Ministerial meetings.Parliament

TTIP debate  We held a three hour debate yesterday in Parliament about a new free trade agreement being negotiated between the European Union and the USA. It’s known as TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and has provoked some totally unfounded fears and a large amount of misinformation.

I have Ministerial responsibility in the Commons for TTIP so responded to the debate on behalf of the Government.   I particularly ask you to read the speeches of Labour’s John Spellar (12.34) Guto Bebb (12.45), Robert Jenrick (1.06) and Andrew Percy (1.27) all of whom, you may think, put the case for TTIP better than me!

Read the full debate in Hansard here >>

Get the facts about TTIP here >>

NHS Catch up’s  

So far we have had a mild winter though colder weather is on the way, and so we can expect pressure on our NHS to increase. I met local GP Guy Mansford who heads up our local Clinical Commissioning Group and Peter Homa, the Chief Executive of Nottingham University Hospital Trust which run the QMC and City Hospitals.

A number of GP’s (including Guy) are now also working at the QMC’s Emergency Department to improve the triage system. There is also better working between Care Homes and our GP surgeries to reduce the number of admissions to hospital.

The QMC continues to run a deficit of many millions of pounds despite record spending on the NHS. The Government has pledged an additional £8 billion to the NHS. Next year the NHS will receive £106.5 billion, a rise of 3.7% and £119.6 billion by 2020-21.

Westminster Visit 2015Welcome to Westminster!  Everyone had a wonderful time on Monday when over 50 constituents endured a long coach trip to London to visit Parliament! Unfortunately, an accident on the M1 caused a delay but I am assured it was worth it.  I am looking forward to another coach load coming down this Monday and hope their journey is shorter! We will be organising more trips in the summer so please let me  know if you would like to visit Parliament.

And finally ……. Council’s missing minutes

Kimberley Town Council Chairman, the indomitable Roy Plumb is indeed a man with a mission. Having been re-elected to the Council in May, Roy was surprised to discover that 12 months of previous council meetings have gone missing. Members of the old regime have been contacted but can offer no assistance and so Roy has called in the police. If you know where Kimberley’s missing minutes are please don’t call CrimeStoppers instead drop me an email or better still pop into Roy’s shop on James Street, Kimberley.

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11 Responses to Anna Soubry MP – Our great towns are on their way back

  1. Joan Wade says:

    If the gentlemen Anna makes mention of has access to the Internet he will find that Kimberley Town Council minutes since 2012 can be found on the web at

  2. Joan Wade says:

    On the issue of vision – There are very many positive things that can be said about Beeston at the moment but I do not think many people would say that the current council is showing vision. What gives Anna cause for optimism? The general consensus appears to be that people locally need to press ahead with initiatives despite the lack of vision coming from the council.

    • RichHartman says:

      Why is Ms Soubry so enthused by the prospect of total redevelopment of the whole of the town centre “…I am delighted that Broxtowe Borough Council is in the process of putting forward plans for the total re-development of Beeston Town Centre..” especially as she has moaned about the building chaos of the tram for so long? The town centre runs from St Johns Church all the way to Broadgate Park – is it all to be redeveloped now? What does she know that we don’t? And Is she really supporting the clearance of the Peacocks-to-B&M bit that’s only just been finished? Fun times ahead then.

  3. Matthew Galtress says:

    What I find interesting is how the council chairman has called in the police, and yet this article is telling people, rather than telling people to go to Crime Stoppers with information, to go to Anna Soubry or the chairman himself.

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the downloaded ‘Facts about TTIP’?..For some reasons it opens with computerspeak gobbledegook and not plain English

  5. Barry Morrison says:

    And what about the last council showing vision?. It didn’t happen. The tram and all the residents and traders problems were forced on them whether they liked it or not. Misleading statements and lies were told, in other words, you’re gonna get this tram whether you like it or not and so it happened. A non existent exhaustive consultation was supposed to have taken place which didn’t happen. And as for many positive things being said about Beeston, I’d love to agree with you but the reality is different.

    • Joan Wade says:

      At least Beeston moved forward with all the transport and infrastructure improvements. The current council appears to have two speeds – stop and backwards.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      The eternal Socialist council of the city was responsible for the tram.
      Funny, they complain that they haven’t got sufficient money, but they spent £570,000,000 on a tram which was built without the democratic consultation of the electorate.

      • Joan Wade says:

        The majority (two thirds) of the funding for the tram Howard came from the government who recognised the importance of this project in terms of regenerating the local area, encouraging inward investment and in improving transport infrastructure. Elections have shown high levels of support for those candidates who expressed views in favour of the tram.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        You talk about the democratic consultation of the electorate Howard. So from that I ask if you agree with me that the recent removal of democratic voting from the Trades Union movement by this Government was wrong.

  6. Barry Morrison says:

    Probably no more comments about anything from me till 2016 so on that note I wish all admin, staff and contributors to Bramcote Today a happy christmas and a prosperous new year.

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