Old Golf Course Planning Application – Residents Wildlife Survey

We publish today  The Wildlife of Bramcote Hills  Survey that has been compiled by Phil Carter, a member of the RSPB and Nott’s Wildlife Trust from information provided by the Residents of Bramcote.  Earlier this week a copy of this was sent to Broxtowe Borough Council to be placed with the documents relating to the Planning Application 14/00677.

If you have not yet added your further comments to this application the you need to do so before 21 December 2015.  Click here. 

The Old Golf Course Land is part of a recognised Wildlife Corridor from the open Countryside towards Wollaton Park.   The Land is also designated as Protected Open Space in the Aligned Core Strategy Document adopted by Broxtowe BC and the Greater Nottingham Councils.

Many local residents have noticed the increase in the presence of Wildlife since the Golf Course closed about 7 years ago.

A document published by Broxtowe BC considers the site as unsuitable for development.

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