Land to the East of Beeston Station – Car Parking ??

Unused Car Park - Beeston Station

Unused Car Park – Beeston Station

Adrian Hurst has sent us a copy of an email he has received from Matthew Andrews at Transport Focus.  He adds that -‘…… Trying to keep up the momentum on this is bit like herding cats but I am pleased everything seems to be generally heading in the right direction. 

Dear Mr Hirst

First of all, I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’ve been on a course and completely forgot to let you know. Also, thanks for providing the summary. I can imagine how long such email conversations could be.

I’ve discussed this with our consultant who specialises in this area of policy. He has contacted Southwest Trains (SWT) and Network Rail to clarify the current state of play. As you summarised, it seems that East Midlands Trains has no direct plans for additional parking at Beeston. SWTs Estates team confirmed that Broxtowe Borough is working on additional parking to the south of the station. We have no evidence that the goods yard to the east of the station has been sold but are awaiting absolute confirmation.

Once we have confirmed who the goods yard land belongs to (particularly if it is still in Network Rail’s possession) we would look to identify the correct member of staff at the operator (an Estates or Commercial manager) and then, on your behalf, ask them how they intend to proceed from there. If there’s a clear need for more parking resource, do they have plans to use this land and if not why not etc. I cannot promise that we can get you the perfect result but we will definitely ask the question for you and try and achieve some accountability.

I hope this addresses your issue at least for now, but please feel free to point me in the right direction if I’ve missed anything. I’ll be in touch again when I know the result of our enquiries re the ownership of the land.

Once again, I’m sorry for the delay in replying and thank you for your patience.

Best wishes, Matthew 

Transport Focus.

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One Response to Land to the East of Beeston Station – Car Parking ??

  1. Ann Hart says:

    I’ve not been following this but clearly the planed improvements to the station miss the point of those of us this side of Nottingham cannot park there. It is not fair on local residents if we have to street park.

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