Bramcote Island

Jan Goold

Jan Goold

Councillor Jan Goold writes:

The saga of Bramcote Island is hopefully nearing completion. During the coming week planting of bulbs is to take place both on and around the Island.

I am also assured by Highways England that considerably more work will be carried out in the Spring and summer of next year when funding becomes available.

I hope to present a full and comprehensive report regarding a re-planting scheme and maintenance regime in the very near future.

Good wishes,

Jan Goold

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2 Responses to Bramcote Island

  1. Richard Willan says:

    Thank you for what you have done so far and for this latest up-date. But the fact still remains that the ‘re-modelling’ of the roundabout was a botch job from the start (including the introduction of invasive weeds. All the agencies involved could have embraced the opportunity to design a low-maintenance and iconic ‘gateway’ to our city …….. but the reality is that things are going to be ‘patched’ with a few bulbs and some new plants! The horse has bolted and the rubberised (?) chippings continue to litter the road after every rain storm. In the circumstances, perhaps the funds should be diverted to Carlisle where they may be more efficacious?

  2. patrickratcliffe says:

    This is wonderful news.
    A Conservative councillor has found the solution to the dreaded weed, mare’s tail! Plant some beautiful spring bulbs, write about the success of the project in a glowing manner, and hope the public are hoodwinked.
    Mare’s tail, horse tail or devil’s weed cannot be easily cured. It’s roots are like string and go down to a metre at least. If you break the root, it regrows. We haven Perhaps the experts that advised, need some re-education in horticultural facts.

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