Community Action Team Meetings

Bob Pattison writes – Our Borough Council, Broxtowe, has for many years organised and financed Community Action Team meetings throughout the Borough.  Some have been well attended, others not.   For financial reasons and possibly because of the poor attendance at some the council is now considering if such meetings should end.

I can only comment on the Bramcote meetings, most of which I have attended and which have always attracted many local people.  Many subjects of importance have been raised and discussed, including planning, highways controlled by the Highways Authority, condition of local roads.  A police officer normally attends to be able to give an immediate answer or agree to take steps to deal with problems.

The meetings have provided an opportunity for residents to express their various views directly to their local councillors and for others to comment on what is under consideration.   It may be the only opportunity some of  us get to comment on some matters of considerable importance to us and feel that we are making a contribution on matters of importance that affect our daily lives.

Let us hope that these Community  Action Team meetings are allowed to continue.

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6 Responses to Community Action Team Meetings

  1. patrickratcliffe says:

    I agree with you completely, Mr Pattison. The meetings that I attended early on, as a new resident in this area, were very informative. Liberal-Democrat councillors, especially Stan Heptinstall, led and guided those meetings very knowledgeably and effectively. Where would I have discovered Bramcote Today, if not by attending such meetings!
    If the Tory administration at Broxtowe B. C., hell-bent on destroying the fabric of our community life by cut after cut after cut, will not run them in the future, then perhaps Bramcote Community Association, under the chairmanship of Steve Austin, should run non-political meetings in the future, allowing the community to meet and share its concerns.

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    Not only would you not have known about Bramcote Today, Patrick, there wouldn’t have been a website to know about, had it not been for the Bramcote CAT! There was a presentation about community websites at the November 2010 meeting and interested residents were invited to speak to Stan, who arranged IT training on wordpress and we launched at the following CAT.

  3. Steve Carr says:

    I attended a meeting tonight that gave the green light for CAT meetings to continue where councillors want them too. I would be surprised if Bramcote Councillors want to do this.

  4. Martin Plackett. Cllr. Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Like Steve, Cllr. John Doddy (Bramcote CAT Chairman) and I attended the same meeting last evening, which was Chaired by the Chief Executive Ruth Hyde for Councillors to discuss the future of CAT meetings, which vary in format, size of attendance and regularity, enormously across the Borough. In some Wards they have no such meetings. (Hence the need for discussion about their future across Broxtowe)
    Both John and I spoke strongly about our desire for BRAMCOTE CAT meetings to continue with the same format and quarterly as has been the case over the last 10 years. Our wish is to continue to meet in such a forum, giving residents the opportunity to question Councillors and raise issues in a non Party political atmosphere, so continuing the tradition started by our long standing and excellent former Chairman Stan Heptinstall.
    So, yes it is GOOD NEWS that where Councillors wish, and indeed Bramcote Members certainly do , CAT meetings will CONTINUE.
    Our next meeting will as usual be held in the Memorial Hall on the first Monday in March, the 7th. at 7.00pm and I believe it will be our 60th such meeting. All Bramcote residents are therefore especially invited to attend this DIAMOND anniversary meeting.

    A very ‘Happy Christmas’ to our regular CAT attendees and All Bramcote residents!
    Martin Plackett.

  5. Ian Tyler says:

    Good news.

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