Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP – Difficult and Dangerous Times

Anna Soubry MPAnna Soubry writes: The primary duty of any Government is to keep its people safe; world leaders came together at the United Nations last night in recognition of the principle and to call on Governments throughout the world to take “all necessary measures … to eradicate Isis in Iraq and Syria”. I very much welcome the UN’s call which comes in the wake of last Friday evening’s dreadful events in Paris and yesterday’s terrorist attack in Mali. It affirms that Isis is an immediate threat and danger to us all.

Isis has extended their reign of terror from Syria into Iraq. Innconcent hostages have been beheaded, Muslims have been murdered in the most barbaric of ways because they didn’t share Isis’s warped ideology, rape has been used as a weapon against young women and their mothers and gay people have tortured and butchered because of their sexuality. In recent months Isis has murdered tourists on holiday in Tunisia or returning from Egypt, slaughtered peace demonstrators in Baghdad and blown up people in Beirut.

Our security agencies and police have thwarted seven Isis terrorist plots in Britain in the last 12 months.

As someone who was very much opposed to the invasion of Iraq I am no “hawk”, but I have never doubted the need for us to take incisive and immediate action against Isis. I very much hope you too are of the view that Isis is a very real danger and must be stopped. I believe we must extend our air strikes, working with the International Coalition, into Syria and hope people of all political persuassions will now support our Prime Minister.

As ever,

HS2 , Devo Deal and Other Matters

nov1Plans to bring together Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Derby and Nottingham with an elected mayor have suffered a set back. The ‘devolution deal’ will bring considerable economic benefits to Broxtowe with money currently held by the Government being devolved down to a ‘combined authority’ to be spend on creating jobs, providing better skills training and transport.

But it would be better if Leicester and Leicestershire were in the deal and if there was an agreement about how we take full advantage of HS2 at Toton Sidings. There is growing agreement that the planned hundreds of houses at the site would hamper economic development as well as destroy vital Green Belt land.

A number of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire MP’s and Councillors are not convinced about the merits of an elected mayor and I share their concerns.

Most importantly, any ‘devo deal’ has to be led by business. I am continuing to work with all interested parties to resolve all the differences and get the right deal for Broxtowe and the East Midlands.

On a connected note I was pleased to meet with Trowell Parish Council yesterday to discuss a number of matters (see below) including HS2 and will be writing to everyone affected by the planned route in the next week.

Open Cast – Is Coal Doomed ?

nov2On Wednesday the Government announced the end of Britain’s coal fired power stations within the next ten years. With the price of coal still falling and little prospect of it recovering, there are now real questions about whether the planned open cast mine between Trowell and Cossall will have any future. I hope not.The plan is to take out the coal and drive it down to Ratcliffe-on Soar power station. I am told the type of coal under Shortwood farm is high in noxious gases making it even less valuable. In my meeting with Trowell Parish Council I agreed to make further enquiries of the owners as to their intentions.

Our Great Schools

Students from Aspley's Nottingham Girls Academy invited me to discuss the tram with them.

Students from Aspley’s Nottingham Girls Academy invited me to discuss the tram with them.

I had a busy time meeting staff and pupils form a number of our schools. Congratulations to Eskdale Primary pupils who re- created Victorian trials (including some very dodgy wigs!) at the Galleries of Justice. I was hugely impressed by the ability and knowledge of the school councils at Bramcote C of E Primary and Fairfield Academy, Stapleford – they gave me a good “grilling” when we met last week. My thanks to all concerned.

Christmas Card Competition

Entry to this year’s Christmas card competition has closed and my team and I are in the process of choosing a winner and runners up – it is great fun but very difficult! We will be announcing the winner in a few weeks time. I print and deliver (at my own expense) over 3,000 Christmas cards and email it out to almost 9,000 constituents. We have had the biggest number of entries this year and we reckon the highest quality of entries so a huge thank you to all the schools who have taken part.

Beeston Boost

nov4Beeston has been chosen as the flagship event for Small Business Saturday on December 5th in the East Midlands.

This annual event encourages us all to shop locally and has proved hugely successful

Get on down to Beeston great shopping - day and early evening.

Get on down to Beeston great shopping – day and early evening.

since its introduction a few years ago. It is a real boost for Beeston that the Federation of Small Businesses has singled out the town and I very much hope that local traders and media will rally together and back the event.

Understandably, there are concerns that shoppers are not returning to Beeston now the tram is open and it’s very important we secure NET’s promise of publicity. I understand an independent traders group is emerging – please contact me for further details.

I met Allison Dobbs who leads residents from Lower, Fletcher and Albert Road where they are still experiencing unresolved snagging problems. I pledged my support to her admirable efforts.

Stapleford Updates and News

nov6Stapleford Post Office is now not moving – at least for the foreseeable future. The plan was for a move from Church Street to Nottingham Road but the application has been stalled. Meanwhile Stapleford Community Group has secured some much needed work to Cookies Pond – well done Richard MacRae and team.

Read more about the plans for Cookies pond here >>

Warm Welcome to Colonel Jim Crawford

I had a very good meeting with the new Commanding Officer at Chetwynd Barracks, Col. Jim Crawford. We discussed the future of the Army at the Barracks and in particular the need to house more soldiers and their families on the base. As you will know I am very keen to secure housing away from Toton’s Green Belt and there are clearly opportunities at the Barracks which I am actively exploring.

What’s on in Broxtowe

Saturday 21 November
Stapleford Christmas Market
Where: Dove Veterinary Surgery Car Park.

Santa’s Grotto
1pm till 6pm
Where: Shabbylicious Vintage Tea Room, Stapleford.
What’s on: Santa will be in his grotto and all children who visit him will have a chance to win a golden ticket to help Santa switch on the Christmas lights.

Global Beeston – Tasmania
Where: University of Nottingham, Portland Building.
What’s on: Full details here.

Christmas Bazaar
11am till 1pm
Where: The Assumption Church, Church Hall, Foster Avenue, Beeston.
What’s on: Stalls which include; cakes, fancy goods, tombola, raffle, children’s games, crafts and much more.

Christmas Light Switch on – Stapleford
Where: Walter Parker V.C Square
What’s on: Christmas light switch on by Santa and special guest, this will be followed by their ‘biggest firework display ever’.

Friends of Bramcote Old Church Tower – Wine Tasting
Where: Bramcote Memorial Hall, Church Street Bramcote.
What’s on: Full details here.

Dig In – Stapleford
12 noon till 2pm
Where: Community Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford.
What’s on: Full details can be found here.

Beeston Wildlife Group Walk
10am till 12 noon
Where: Attenborough Nature Reserve, meeting in the car park.
What’s on: Guided walk around the reserve, for further information please email the group beestonwildlifegroup@hotmail.com.

Christmas Fair – Newthorpe
10am till 12 noon
Where: Newthorpe Baptist Church, Main Street, Newthorpe.
What’s on: Christmas Fair selling Christmas gifts and handmade goods.

Sunday 22 November
Vintage Craft Fair – Kimberley
10:30am till 3:30pm
Where: Kimberley Parish Hall.
What’s on: There will be vintage crafts, food and drink stalls and much more. Madhatters will also be open on Sunday for a coffee.

Christmas Light Switch On – Nuthall
5pm till late
Where: 1 Laurel Crescent, Nuthall, NG16 1EW.
What’s on: Join in for an evening of fun. Further details here.

Monday 23 November
Stapleford Safety Night
7pm till 9pm
Where: The meeting place, Stapleford.
What’s on: organised by Stapleford Police and Stapleford Community Group with the aim of informing the general public of what is available to help them.

Thursday 26 November
Autumn Years Friendship Group
10am till 2pm
Where: St Helen’s Church Hall, Frederick Road, Stapleford.
What’s on: Resource centre for the over-60’s full details on this weekly event here.

Stapleford WI
Where: The Meeting Place, Stapleford.
What’s on: Stapleford WI meet every 4th Thursday and have a varied programme of events throughout the year. If you would like to know more please click here to send them an email.

New Perspectives presents – ‘He wore a red hat’
Where: St Helen’s Parish Church, Stapleford.
What’s on: Tickets can be purchased by emailing staplefordtc@yahoo.co.uk

Friday 27 November
Christmas Tree Festival
Where: Stapleford Methodist Church, Eatons Road.
What’s on: Running from the 27th till the 29th there will be a unique display of decorated trees.

Trowell Festival Village
Where: Trowell Parish Hall.
What’s on: Children’s Choir, Santa’s Grotto, Peter Presto, Traditional Stalls, refreshments and much more.

Christmas Light Switch On – Kimberley
Where: Kimberley Town Centre.
What’s on: The evening starts at Holy Trinity Church Hall. Full details here.

Saturday 28 November
Messy Church
Where: St. Michael and All Angels church, Bramcote.
What’s on: Wide range of craft activities for children of all ages.

Christmas Light Switch On – Beeston
3pm till 7pm
Where: Beeston Square and Broadgate Park.
What’s on: Lights will be switched on at 5pm and there will be fireworks at 6:30pm.

Christmas Fair
12 noon till 3pm
Where: St Catherine’s Church, Church Lane, Cossall.
What’s on: Craft Stalls, homemade cakes and much more.

Christmas Gift Exhibition
11am till 4pm
Where: Red Lion Cottage, 228 High Road, Chilwell, NG9 5DB.
What’s on: Unique handcrafted gifts full details here.

St. Mary’s Church – Christmas Bazaar – Attenborough
Where: Attenborough Village Hall.
What’s on: Come and meet Santa and visit the many various stalls.

Season of Lights Celebrations
Where: Chilwell Road Methodist Church.
What’s on: Russian and Chinese Children’s dance performances. Local community and school choirs, festive foods from around the world and much more.

Charity Winter Fair
10am till 2pm
Where: Beeston Methodist Church, Wollaton Road.
What’s on: There will be various stalls together with a coffee morning.

St. Mary’s Victorian Christmas Market – Greasley
10am till 2:30pm
Where: St Mary’s Church, Greasley.
What’s on: Annual Victorian Christmas market with stalls, brass band, fresh produce, refreshments and much more.

Sunday 29 November
Advent Carol Service
Where: St John the Baptist Church, Beeston.

Chilwell Santa Dash
Where: Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre, Bye Pass Road, Chilwell, NG9 5HR.
What’s on: The Santa Dash involves a 2K run on grass around the playing field. Further details here.

Monday 30 November
Evening talk from Beeston Wildlife Group
7:30pm till 9:30pm
Where: Trent Vale Infant School.
What’s on: Talk is ‘The Geology of our Planet!’

Anna Soubry MP
Barton House, 61 High Road, Chilwell, NG9 4AJ
0115 943 6507

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6 Responses to Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP – Difficult and Dangerous Times

  1. patrickratcliffe says:

    No-one can excuse the massacre of innocents in Paris, Beruit or even Bamako, and everyone in Britain desires the defeat of Daesh.
    But the western world must not repeat the mistakes of our recent past: we must not be drawn into the wheel of action that feeds violence and hate and creates more and more martyrs to an unjust cause. It is the Arab and the Muslim world that must act to reclaim hearts and minds of people in Syria, Iraq and Mali, and we must offer our strong support.

  2. Joan Wade says:

    When the government first talked about air strikes on Syria it was the Assad regime that was to be the target and not those opposing that regime. Am I alone in noticing that at some point our government has switched sides? Of course IS must be dealt with but there is a need for a clear strategy. There were those who called for air strikes on Ireland when the IRA were raging their terror campaign against this country but most people recognised that such indiscriminate action was likely to be counterproductive. The situation in Syria might well be different but the government needs to explain the difference. Do we know who to strike and where they are residing?

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    Try telling that to David Cameron as he seems hell bent on doing exactly that.

  4. patrickratcliffe says:

    David Cameron has classified me as a ‘TERRORIST SYMPATHISER’.
    He seemed to suggest, yesterday, that anyone who would vote against his rush to butcher innocent civilians, for whatever military, moral, political, or conscientious belief, is sympathetic towards terrorists.
    I find these words and this attitude deplorable, and hope our MP and/or her supporters can offer some rational and believable explanation for classifying me, and the millions of others who deplore this rush to war, in this manner.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Totally agree with you Patrick. Whilst not a great supporter of ‘the Beard’ I am in full agreement with his own policy regarding military action in Syria.

  5. Barry Morrison says:

    I’ve got an open mind on this subject but I must agree that it’s a ridiculously stupid and nasty comment for Mr Cameron to make.

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