Waste & Recycling – Broxtowe Borough Council: The Benefits of the Autumn Leaf

The Benefits of the Autumn Leaf

A cold wet November morning; what is there to like apart from preparing to book your next summer holiday. Recently appointed Horticultural Assistant, Hugh Turrell will be bringing you his monthly top gardening tips. This month, he writes about the ‘Benefits of the Autumn Leaf’.

LeavesNobody likes the autumn mess of leaves; constant sweeping up for weeks whilst trying not to break your neck by slipping. It seems like a hard and worthless task but what most people don’t know is that a fallen leaf has so many benefits! Here are some tips to help manage your leaf waste.

Hugh Top Tips:
1. Leaves can be used just as they are or shredded to make mulch (a fantastic nutrient provider for your garden).
2. Dig them into your vegetable garden to improve the soil structure for both clay and sandy soils.
3. Leaves can be used for plant protection during the winter months, then turned into soil in the spring.
4. Gather them up and make your own compost to supply your garden throughout the year with rich organic matter.
5. Why not take advantage of Broxtowe Borough Council’s garden waste collection service to get rid of those leaves? For those already subscribed to the service, additional brown-lidded bins are available until the end of March 2016 for the price of only £5 each. For more information on this service www.broxtowe.gov.uk/gardenwaste.

Top gardening tips and jobs for November:

Rake1. Cover brassicas with netting if pigeons are a problem.
2. Put out bird food to encourage winter birds into the garden.
3. Clear up leaves from lawns, ponds and beds.
4. Prune roses to prevent wind-rock.
5. Insulate outdoor containers.
6. Stop winter moth damage to fruit trees by using grease bands around the trunks.
7. Clean out the greenhouse, also wash pots and trays to help prevent disease and pest spread.

Keep your garden secure!

BookletMake sure you keep your garden secure with top tips in our ‘Nip Garden Crime in the bud’ leaflet. Please click here to view.

Source: Broxtowe Borough Council EMAIL ME.

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