Final Recommendations on the New Electoral Arrangements for Nottinghamshire County Council

The final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Nottinghamshire County Council have now been published by the Local Government Boundary Commission and can be viewed by clicking this link.

In spite of objections Bramcote will be split in two. The new divisions will be Bramcote & Beeston North (1 Councillor) comprising Beeston North ward, part of Beeston West ward, and part of Bramcote ward and Stapleford & Broxtowe Central (2 Councillors) comprising Awsworth, Cossall & Trowell, Stapleford North, Stapleford South East and Stapleford South West wards, part of Bramcote ward, and part of Nuthall & Strelley ward.

RIP Bramcote and Stapleford!

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4 Responses to Final Recommendations on the New Electoral Arrangements for Nottinghamshire County Council

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    I Quote from the report:
    We received requests to retain Stapleford and Bramcote in a single division, as at present. We considered this option as part of our draft recommendations and noted that while it would be possible to create a two-member division covering this area it is not possible to accommodate this while securing good levels of electoral equality elsewhere, particularly to the north. Although we have received evidence for the links between the two areas, we remain unable to propose a division combining them as we have, and have not received suggestions for alternative proposals for the surrounding area.
    We did receive a proposal that would retain the whole of Bramcote in a single division; however, we are not including this proposals in our final recommendations as it was dependent on the creation of a division combining part of Stapleford with an area of Toton, but without any direct road links. Although it was argued that the area of Stapleford and Toton would share similar issues with the advent of High Speed Two, we considered the lack of direct links did not make this viable.
    On balance, we are confirming the draft recommendations for Bramcote & Beeston North as final.

    I do not understand the fact that is stated ‘but without any direct road links’ between Toton & Stapleford. Does Toton Lane, Stapleford not go to Toton ?

    Or possibly I do not fully understand which part of Stapleford was proposed to be linked with Toton.

    • davidwatts12 says:

      I think that their comment shows how little attention they paid to the comments that were made. To say that there is no direct link between Stapleford and Toton is just nonsense (especially when you remember that the tram park and ride is in Stapleford and it doesn’t become Toton until after that.)

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    Very much a case of ask the public who know and love Bramcote but don’t really take any notice! The proposal to link Toton with Stapleford, in light of HS2, would seem worth considering. I did complete the consultation and am disappointed with their response. They have asked me to complete a survey at – Mmmm.

  3. patrickratcliffe says:

    If the responses made to the consultation have been rejected, and all avenues completed, and the recommendations made by the LGBC are indeed FINAL, and not for changing, then perhaps it would be a good thing, for all of us interested in the future of our area, to move on and work with what now is fact. (That is unless anyone knows a way to change what appears to be FINAL).

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