Urban Fraud Myth 10 – Social Engineering

Samantha Hancock (Police, Crime Prevention Unit Manager, Nottinghamshire) writes:

Myth– It doesn’t really matter what information I post on social media sites as only my friends can read it.

Truth– By getting your privacy settings wrong or accepting people you don’t know as friends, you may be giving fraudsters valuable information about you and your habits. Personal details can be used to guess passwords, habits and vulnerabilities so you need to check your social media settings regularly. All personal information is valuable and fraudsters are very good at filling in the missing information.

It is also worth bearing in mind that your friends settings can affect your privacy. For instance, if they comment on your post, their friends might also be able to view it.

Check your privacy settings monthly to ensure that only friends can view your email and telephone number.

For more information visit :

If you use Social Media, there are also some great guides we recommend reading here :

Source: Broxtowe Community email.

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One Response to Urban Fraud Myth 10 – Social Engineering

  1. Joan Wade says:

    Some months back I made a comment on Bramcote Today regarding the hanging baskets in Beeston. I then found that this had resulted in two politicians openly discussing on a local rant site information that one appeared to have access to regarding where I might live. You need to be careful what you put online and also seek to be aware of what others are putting online about you.

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