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Clive Goode writes: There has been a lot of press recently about providing high-speed broadband, particularly in rural areas. I live in Thornhill Close which is less than 3 miles from the local exchange (i.e Beeston) yet the maximum speed that I can get from a BT land line is around 4MB. I notice that some of the local junction boxes are advertising fibre broadband but obviously my local box isn’t one of them. Does anyone have information regarding when the Beeston exchange will be upgraded?

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  1. Steve Austin says:

    BT’s website says you can’t get Infinity yet and the speed you can expect is 3MB on standard broadband so obviously you are doing quite well on that. That’s not much consolation though. BT’s website says they are still considering whether they can upgrade your cabinet.

    I take it Virgin Media is available in Thornhill Close? I would switch to them if you are not satified with BT. You can take your telephone number with you.

    Although in Bramcote, I am on the Wollaton BT Exchange and I am about as far away as you can get from that exchange. My local BT cabinet has been upgraded but again I am a long way from it. For broadband I use Virgin Media and have been getting 160MB recently.

  2. Mike E says:

    You can get fibre, it’s available on sevon oaks crescent so you should get it. In any case it’s fibre broadband to the exchange which is at the start of arundel drive then though the phone line to your house. Not quite fibre to your door.

    I’ve gone from an adsl line with sky at 3mbs to SSE fibre at 76mbs

  3. Steve Austin says:

    See also: Over 130 Nottinghamshire towns and villages to go superfast as broadband roll out picks up pace. Click this link

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    About 20 years ago on Hanley Avenue in Bramcote the council relaid all the pavements with slabs..Diamond Cable at the time asked if they could do ductwork in readiness for cable network connections….And since then?..You’ve guessed it, nothing…We’re still on telephone line connection although the connection node is only about 100 yards away on Derby Road.

  5. Steve Austin says:

    Two further comments from Bramcote Today’s Facebook page:

    Tony Binder writes: We have only recently had fibre optic commissioned in Bramcote Moor so they seem to be doing it by area. There was a lot of activity at the street boxes prior to this which was a good pointer that it was on its way. I registered on the BT site for an update but only got ‘it is now available’ and nothing about progress before this. In the end I kept my service with Virgin so unable to say anything about the service – in the end I went on cost and Virgin’s basic package is giving me 75 download and 5 upload (independent test).

    Ivan Greensmith writes: We are lucky to get more than 1.8 MB. White lion and nieghbours, Town St. Bramcote.

  6. Clive Goode says:

    I have contacted BT and it appears that the cabinet that I am connected to (number 17 which I think is at the bottom of Sevenoaks Cres.) is “not be viable for Openreach to upgrade” so it looks like I will have to look at other options. Does anybody have any opinions on alternative suppliers? Are Sky and Virgin the only options?

    • patrickratcliffe says:

      I too have contacted BT about the possibility of an upgrade for Moor Lane, yesterday, and after being passed round from one person to the next – four in total – arrived back at the first person, to be then told to contact Openreach as BT didn’t have the answers. Openreach simply refused to offer any help whatsoever, referring me to websites which send you round in loops.
      My conclusion is that nobody at BT or Openreach gives a damn about the tiny minority of households that are just outside the ‘easy’ area.
      Perhaps there’s a BT or Openreach executive living in this area who could reply to this!

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        There’s an obvious answer to this Patrick, provided of course that they are available. Vote with your feet, try Virgin. Or go onto the web page. There’s lots on there. Virgin, Talktalk, Plusnet, Sky etc.

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