Make Secure Fixing of Vehicle Registration Plates to Prevent Theft Satutory

NottsWatch LogoJohn Lennard (NottsWatch, Administrator, Nottinghamshire):

Eric Tindall writes:

Make Secure Fixing of Vehicle Registration Plates to Prevent Theft Satutory

The response that I have from the Society of Motor Manufacturers is positive but the manufacturers I have asked to introduce theft proof plates as a standard factory fitting are nonplused by the concept! So pursuing the idea that the Ministry of Transport will require all new vehicles and trade sales fit security screws in addition to all vehicles undergoing an MOT are fitted with security screws in 3 years crimes associated with false/stolen/illegal plates would be reduced. I have a huge amount of information on the subject and can send this to any interested people or organisations. In addition looking the rough Google related web sites gives a broader picture. My largest hurdle is spreading the message far and wide to gather support. I have purchased 1200 flyers printed by the Police for distribution to the trade and car clubs at the Classic Car show this Saturday but am currently confined to bed with sciatica. My email is if you want a copy of the flyer

Source: Broxtowe Community email.

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