Urban Fraud Myth 7 – Insurance Fraud

18948_Myth_7__Insurance_Fraud_Samantha Hancock (Police, Crime Prevention Unit Manager, Nottinghamshire) writes:

Myth – Changing details on my insurance policy or making an inflated insurance claim is not really fraud as everyone does it, I won’t get caught and Insurers can afford it anyway.

Truth – Insurance fraud is a crime that is taken seriously by both insurers and police. The cost of fraud does not affect just insurers, but members of the public also. The chances of being caught are high and the impact on people’s lives can be devastating.

Checking your policy carefully to ensure that all your details are correct. If there is anything even slightly wrong, contact your insurer. Inaccuracies can actually render your policy void and the insurer not pay out.

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Source: Broxetowe Community email.

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