Possible Cowboy Builders in Bramcote

Elaine Morris who runs Bramcote Care Group writes:  I have recently had a phone call from one of Bramcote Care Group clients with concerns about being a target of cowboy builders, her property is easily identified as the residence of someone with mobility problems.

Twice recently she has had a knock on the door with someone saying there is a problem with roof tiles/ridge tiles/guttering brackets. She has been cautious and not been caught out but wants others to know it is happening.

Editor: From time to time there are warnings from Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards Department about this sort of approach. Their advice is never engage tradesmen who cold call. If there is a real building problem, ask a number of reputable local tradesmen to give you a quote before you decide who will do the work. If you are concerned about any tradesman who cold calls, contact Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards Department with the details.

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One Response to Possible Cowboy Builders in Bramcote

  1. Maria whittaker says:

    There was a company called PM property maintenance going round Toton, similar thing. Drove a new looking white van, got aggressive and persistent about money.
    I fear for the most vulnerable.
    If anybody is unsure, send them away and ask a neighbour to help!

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