Transport Focus – Railway Parking on Railway Land‏

Adrian Hurst writes: Just a short note to let you know that I now have a formal acknowledgement that Transport Focus, The independent transport user watchdog, have agreed to carry out a review into Network Rail’s reluctance to release the Old Goods Yard at Beeston Station for increased parking provision.

A significant part of my submission was based on the articles you kindly published on Bramcote Today and it is important to acknowledge the positive contribution the whole blog makes to our local community

I will forward a copy of the full response in as timely a manner as possible.

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5 Responses to Transport Focus – Railway Parking on Railway Land‏

  1. Fred R says:

    Does that mean that it’s Network Rail that owns that massive unused parking area on the South Side of the Meadow Road railway bridge, by the Atos building? If not, where is the Old Goods Yard? For sure, there’s very little parking at the station, with the knock-on that local streets are used, which narks the locals.

  2. Adrian Hirst says:

    The former freightliner depot is quite a way down the track towards Nottingham and I believe it is now known as Beestion Sidings. These are still quite well used by freight trains and various support functions. The Goods Yard in question, I believe, was last used as Cement Distribution Point over 20 years ago and has been semi-derelict ever since and most of the track has been lifted.

  3. Adrian Hirst says:

    Latest update:-

    Dear Mr Hirst

    Thank you for contacting us recently to inform us of the issues you’ve faced with Beeston Station Car Park, Broxtowe Borough Council and Network Rail.

    I’m writing to let you know that I’ve spoken to one of our Consultants who specialises in this area of policy. He’s been in touch with some Industry contacts and we are waiting for a response.

    I’ll be in touch again as soon as we have a reply.

    Passenger Team Executive

    Transport Focus

    The independent transport user watchdog

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