Old quarry, Coventry Lane‏

Hannah Wilkinson writes: I was wondering if anyone could help me or steer me in the right direction. I am trying to find the plans for the ‘new car park’ on the old quarry. I have looked on the council’s site but can not seem to find anything (I could be looking in the wrong place!) I have been told that the old quarry is being given back to the people and was hoping that a bridlepath/byway may run though it so what local horse riders are left will have better access to moor lane bridlepath.

Thanks in advance.


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4 Responses to Old quarry, Coventry Lane‏

  1. Steve Austin says:

    Hi Hannah. If you go down Coventry Lane from Ilkeston Road in Bramcote you pass Hemlockstone on the left. After that on the left is a house and then the entrance to the Crematorium. Between the house and the entrance to the Crematorium on the right hand side of Coventry Lane are some iron gates. They mark the entrance to the old sand quarry. This quarry was filled with waste. The part nearest Coventry Lane is being incorporated into Bramcote Hills Park and the part nearest Moor Lane is being converted to playing fields for Bramcote College. I may be wrong but I don’t think a bridle path runs over the old quarry site. Steve Austin

  2. There is no car park on the old quarry. The intention is to use the site for even more playing fields for the schools (despite them having too many already) and there may be a car park at some stage, but not yet. There is a site further along towards Nottingham on the left at the entrance to the Nottingham Canal that may be useful to you. Stan Heptinstall

  3. Hannah W says:

    Thank you for your replys ,we walk pass the old quarry everyday. At the moment there are workers in there. They said they are making a new car park for the park . Hopefully when it is reopened a bridlepath/byway would be considered please.

  4. Hannah W says:

    Hello again. I have found the plans and all the paths are footpaths ,They are laying the paths now(straight through where the bee orchids grew!)before its too late, is there anywhere i can go to see if they can be changed to bridlepaths. TIA.

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