Online attackers steal £20m from UK bank accounts

86114248_thinkstockphotos-79076528This report can be read on the BBC Web Site.  The UK’s National Crime Agency is hunting cyber-attackers who stole more than £20m from British bank accounts.    Malware called Dridex harvested victims’ online banking details so the attackers could siphon off funds.  The NCA said it was working with the FBI and other authorities to limit the malware’s usefulness to criminals and one man had already been arrested. 

The Dridex Trojan infected computers through a malicious Microsoft Office document, typically disguised as an invoice and emailed to victims.   The malware relied on tricking people into installing it on their machines, rather than exploiting a security hole in the operating system.  It would then eavesdrop on people entering their bank account details and send the information back to the attackers.

Read more about this here –

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