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Barry Morrison writes: I got this paper through my letter box today – Beeston Local News- and looking through it I see headlines like this: ”Major boost for businesses as customers return”, ”Business booms back in Beeston”, ”Students benefit from tram completion”, ”Fracking could come to Broxtowe”, ”Thumbs up for tram extension”. Not one single paragraph or note is dedicated to the traders and residents of Chilwell Road who have suffered immeasurably during the last three years. Remember a few weeks ago this is what Steve Barber described as ”This ever thriving community”. Well talking to some traders in the last few days it doesn’t seem like it’s an ever thriving community but that doesn’t matter because it’s all about Beeston town centre and the High Road.

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15 Responses to Beeston Local News

  1. Andy Cooper says:

    My wife and I have travelled over to Beeston from Kimberley several times since the tram extension was completed. We are not alone either, as many of our friends have done the same. We have visited and spent our money in local businesses in Beeston, especially on Chilwell High Rd. If you want something to moan about come to the north of the Borough where there is no regeneration and residents are fighting for an area that’s been neglected for decades.

  2. Barry Morrison says:

    I’m not moaning Andy..I’ve got nothing to win or lose..I’m just making a comment

  3. Ian Blakeley says:

    I’ve travelled into Nottingham (and back) a few times on the tram. Excluding last weekend (Goose Fair) most passengers inbound remained on it until Lace Market or beyond and quite a few boarded at Beeston. On the return journey some alighted at Beeston but many stayed on until Toton Lane. The tram is doing its job, ie. transporting people into Nottingham to shop or work. Beeston and Chilwell have never figured in the City Councils tram plans, it’s all about Nottingham. Mind you I think that trams are great.

  4. Joan Wade says:

    I am just glad I live in the Beeston reported in the media and not the town that Barry resides in. However, if the traders think Barry is right and that it would help them they could always take out an advertisement proclaiming that Beeston is a retched and miserable place.

  5. RichHartman says:

    Barry – where you say ‘Chilwell Road, do you mean High Road, Chilwell? Chilwell isn’t Beeston so that could be why it doesn’t figure in ‘Beeston Local News’.
    But look at Chilwell High Road post-tram – the environment is so much smarter, the pavement is wider so the cafes spill out where they couldn’t have done previously, much more attractive to walking shoppers (assuming the businesses there are selling/providing something that people actually want). From Beeston Square all the way to Central College (and coincidentally Soubry’s office), it looks so much better now than it did in its previous rather jaded state.
    Of course the traders and residents along the tram route have ‘suffered’, but that’s in the past, and after financial compensation has been paid to many theynow have the choice of using a slcik mode of transport too. Perhaps the ‘Beeston Local News’ is simply looking forward rather than backward.

  6. Barry Morrison says:

    Rich Hartman I stand corrected, I meant High Road, Chilwell..Just a little oversight and I agree it does look better than the drab way it looked before and as for compensation paid to many does that include residents?. I ask that as I don’t know.
    Andy Cooper, I’m glad you come to Beeston regularly and hope it’s beneficial to you.
    And as for Joan Wade saying”I am just glad I live in the Beeston reported in the media and not the town that Barry resides in’. What the heck’s that supposed to mean?..I have’nt
    criticised Beeston or dragged it down..I just stated the comments the paper stated..

  7. stevebarber says:

    Sorry Barry but you do run the town down. Your comments here are doing precisely that. But you are entitled to your opinions no matter.

  8. RichHartman says:

    Barry – you ask about compensation for residents – a friend in Lower Road Beeston (with the trams right outside her front door) received significant compensation, I can’t say about elsewhere along the route but there’s no reason to say other stretches of the route would be any different. It looks like many along there have had new driveways provided along with brand new front garden walls too.

  9. Barry Morrison says:

    Yes Rich. I’ve heard that but I don’t know how true it is.. The reason I mentioned it is because of all the the fervour three years ago about how utopian High Road, Chilwell is going to be. Well they’re still waiting. Pretty much like Radford and Hyson Green are still waiting for the economic miracles promised to them before the tram started running in march 2004.
    And as for Steve Barber/Joan Wades comments about running Beeston down..No, I am not..I want to see Beestpn in all its glory but I’m not one of those who caused this carnage and now have deserted the traders on High Road Chilwell.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Barry are you able to name one person who is still weighting? Most people think that Chilwell High Road is much nicer than it was three years ago. Can you really name someone other than yourself who does not think this?

  10. stevebarber says:

    I couldn’t get in the door of one Chilwell Road business on Saturday. The owner later reported that she’d had a fantastic day. I know that’s not true for all businesses but it’s increasingly becoming the case. It’s up to the businesses now to entice the increasing passing trade through the doors. Scrapping the BID will not help.

  11. Barry Morrison says:

    Seems to me it was the businesses and traders who scrapped BID for their own reasons so who am I to argue with them?

  12. Barry Morrison says:

    Joan, if you read the comments properly you’ll see that on october 7th I agreed with Rich Hartman that Chilwell High road does look better. But I don’t know about weighting

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