Anna Soubry MP: Lots of Good News

Anna Soubry writes:

Forever Stars £140k in Just 21 Months

AG1Hello again and a huge congratulations to Richard and Michelle Daniels from Chilwell who have raised over £140,000 for their charity Forever Stars.

On Friday night we gathered for a final Gala Dinner after a mere 21 months of remarkable fund raising.

Michelle and Richard’s daughter Emily was still born and to add to their terrible grief there were no adequate facilities for parents in their situation at the QMC. Despite their loss they set about raising funds for a bereavement suite. They started with a target of £25,000 and on Friday evening took the total to a staggering £140,000! Richard and Michelle are now taking a back seat after all their remarkable efforts but the charity will continue under the auspices of the City/QMC Hospital Trust to help other bereaved families. A huge thanks to all the thousands of people who have supported Forever Stars and in particular to Michelle and Richard, their son Finlay and baby Alfie.

Find out more about Forever Stars here >>

Midland Mainline Electrification Gets Go Ahead

I am very pleased that the “pause” on the electrification of the Midland Mainline has been lifted and this important project will go ahead. The work will include improvements to the track and the electrification will be complete by 2023 at a cost of over a billion pounds.

VAB Win Huge Award

AG2Congratulations to Voluntary Action Broxtowe who have been awarded almost a quarter of a million pounds from the Big Lottery Fund to support their excellent work. VAB offer a variety of free and paid for services, including assistance for people with mental health problems, helping people from ethnic minority backgrounds, and a caring, ethical removal service. I hope you will check them out and consider supporting VAB.

Learn more about VAB here >>

Free From 3

I am delighted that Broxtowe Borough Council, now run by the Conservatives, has fulfilled its election promise and introduced free car parking after 3pm. I am a firm believer we should do everything we can to encourage people to come into our great towns of Kimberley, Stapleford and Beeston and that includes as much free parking as possible.

Beeston Bid Vote

AG361% of businesses in Beeston voted to end the Beeston Bid. I very much hope shops, traders and businesses will now come together and form their own independent organisation to promote the town.

Broxtowe Business Club – Thursday 22 October

Following its successful launch a few months ago I am holding another event for businesses throughout the constituency on Thursday 22nd October. The Broxtowe Business Club is strictly non party political and is a great place for local businesses, of whatever size, to come together. Our guest is Liz Fothergill, President of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. The venue is the Victoria Hotel in Beeston and the event begins at 6.30. There will be snacks and wine with tickets at £15 a head. If you would like to come along please email me asap (

Kimberley Cricket Club Storms to Victory

AG4We should all be proud of Kimberley Institute Cricket Club who have had a tremendous season. The 1st XI won the Notts Premier League and T20 Cup – they also reached the quarter finals of the National Cup. I am told the Club has some exceptional juniors who have represented Notts C.C. Congratulations to all concerned.

Awsworth Set for New Post Box

Royal Mail have confirmed that Awsworth will be getting a replacement post box. They responded quickly to my request on behalf of a number of residents who had contacted me.

Residents Parking Plan Opposite Bilborough College

Parking for residents and their visitors has been a long standing problem on the development opposite Bilborough College, despite all the efforts of local Councillors and myself over the years. A residents parking scheme is being put forward with papers going out to all home owners.

AG5Oxjam Good to Go

This years popular Oxjam in Beeston is all set to take over the town on Saturday October 17 from noon until 2am. Full details, including how to buy tickets, below.

Full details of Oxjam 2015 here >>

Toton Fayre Success

Congratulations to the organisers of ‘Toton through the ages Michelmas Fayre” held with great success last Sunday. One of the organisers, Toton Councillor Mia Kee assures me this will be an annual event and next years will be even better.

What’s on in Broxtowe
Sunday 4 October
Silver Sunday
11am till 3pm
Where: Orban house, 8 Chilwell Road, Beeston.
What’s on: Free event with Voluntary Action Broxtowe come along to see what services are available in and around Beeston. There will also be a vintage tea parlour.
Monday 5 October
Under a Cloud
9am till 5pm
Where: Middle Street Resource Centre, 74 Middle Street, Beeston.
What’s on: An event for Mental Health Awareness Week. Further details here.
Wednesday 7 October
Broxtowe CAB fundraiser
2:30pm till 6pm
Where: The Pearson Centre, 2 Nuart Road, Beeston.
What’s on: Charles Hanson of ‘Flog It, Antiques Roadtrip & Bargain Hunt’ and Vanessa Savage will be in Beeston to value your antiques and family heirlooms. Charles and his team will charge £3.00 per item and every penny raised will go directly to raising vital funds for Citizens Advice Bureau Broxtowe. Refreshments (including home-made cakes) Prize Raffle & Tombola.
Thursday 8 October
Autumn Years Friendship Group
10am till 2pm
Where: St Helen’s Church Hall, Frederick Road, Stapleford.
What’s on: Resource centre for the over-60’s full details on this weekly event here.
Friday 9 October
Beeston and District Civic Society – Meeting
What’s on: The History of Chetwynd Barracks, full details here.
Saturday 10 October
Attenborough and Chilwell Women’s Club – Autumn Fair
10am till 12 noon
Where: Attenborough Village Hall.
What’s on: Stalls, refreshments and tombola with proceeds in aid of local charities.

Anna Soubry MP
Barton House, High Road, Chilwell. NG9 4AJ

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11 Responses to Anna Soubry MP: Lots of Good News

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Its good to hear that the Midland Mainline electrification is going ahead.

    Looking back in time, there was a railway with old and outdated trains. Trains which were dirty and hardly ever ran on time. That is if they ran at all. An infrastructure which hadn’t been updated since Victorian times. Staff which were miserable and poorly paid. A network which was hugely subsidised by the tax payer.
    Yes folks, that was British Rail!
    Yet the extreme leftwing leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, wants to renationalise the railways and recreate the nightmare.
    Fortunately his politics are as dead as the dinosaurs.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Just to back up good old Howard, along came a woman named Margaret, who disliking everything that reeked of public ownership cried ‘enough’. Sold off the railways (and lots of other things that belonged to us, the general tax paying public). At the same time promised the ‘new’ railway companies that we taxpayers would continue to subsidise the service and that any profit should be paid to the shareholders. At the same time the tracks and infrastructure of the railway remained in public ownership and the railway companies only rented time on the tracks from Network Rail (or whatever it’s called now). It may have escaped your notice Howard that very recently a railway company had to give up it’s franchise and that for a couple of years this railway was ‘nationalised’. It made a healthy profit which went into the exchequer but had to be re-privatised on the orders of HMG. The people running said nationalised company wanted to bid for the franchise but were refused for some reason, thus depriving US of much needed (we are told) income.

      I will also add that when the railways were nationalised by Labour after the war it was because the country was on it’s knees and the ‘Big 4’ companies (all private) were broke. From that moment ALL governments failed to invest in the railways as a whole until they were privatised. Good management of a nationalised system is an answer that seems to escape the likes of Eden, Churchill, McMillan, Heath, Wilson, Douglas-Home, Callaghan, and Thatcher. Also from 1951 to 1964 and 1970 to 1974 we had Tory Governments, who did a lot for the railways (not).

      Howard, as I’ve suggested before, you really must get your facts presented correctly. Corbyn has suggested that as the railway franchises each come to an end then that railway is reabsorbed into public ownership and run exactly the same as now. He’s not going to nationalise overnight. Think on the above, and don’t forget the questions you’ve been asked about Policing and Housing. Have a nice day ;-D

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        The point is that when the state intervenes to preserve a failed business through nationalisation, it returnes it to the private sector as soon as possible. Lloyd’s Bank is a point in fact.
        Whist there were problems on the East Coast Mainline, the rest of the network runs far more efficiently in the private sector.
        I suggest you look at the facts Ian and not just repeat all the dogma from a failed socialist philosophy.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        You seem to miss the point Howard. The state is selling off profitable business’s to the private sector. The word profitable being the operative word. Profits that 100% can go to reducing ‘the deficit’ rather than the 20% (or whatever it currently is) Corporation Tax. I quote from The Guardian 3 August 2015 “George Osborne has kicked off the first sale of shares in the Royal Bank of Scotland since it was rescued in 2008, AT A LIKELY LOSS OF AROUND £1bn TO THE TAXPAYER”. This is our money that Osborne is giving away Howard, our money. The only money that any government has it that which we taxpayers are obliged by law to hand over, but that does not give said government carte blanche permission to squander it. However I do agree that Governments ought not to be involved in Banking as such. So I expect Osborne to ensure that we taxpayers are properly recompensed when Lloyds is sold.

        You mentioned the East Coast Mainline but I notice that you decided not to comment on the fact that the people running that franchise (profitably) were not permitted to tender for it. You also failed to comment on the fact that since 1945 we had a Tory government for many more years than we had a Labour one, and they had done nothing before Thatcher arrived.

        Howard, you admitted some months ago that you were an out and out Conservative and as you have shown on many an occasion feel that they can do no wrong. Well old chap, they can do wrong and unless held in check will do considerable harm to this country and its population. They may not be as vicious as Saddam, Gaddafi, various Israeli PM’s or al-Assad, but they are already targeting working people and those less able to defend themselves. But’s that’s for a different discussion.

        Howard, you have your head buried somewhere, but please, for your own sake bring it back into the open air. Have another nice day. ;-X

  2. Joan Wade says:

    Anna Soubry writes “ I very much hope shops, traders and businesses will now come together and form their own independent organisation to promote the town.” Such an organisation is what they have just voted to disband!

  3. Howard Shakespeare says:

    History has shown state control does not work. British Rail were a classic case. I doubt that anybody who uses the railways would wish to return to the inefficient and outdated British Rail.
    Governments are not capable of running businesses efficiently. They always end up the same way. A drain on the exchequer. By contrast the private sector generate profits. Those profits are taxed and that benefits the whole of society.
    The model of privatisation created by Margaret Thatcher was copied all over the world. It was a spectacular success.
    Talk of renationalisation of the railways is purely academic. The only political party to promote such a retrograde step is the far left Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst Corby will only be leader of the party for a very short time, the damage he has done to that party is beyond repair. As Ian Blakeley has stated, since 1945 there have been more Conservative governments than Labour. This is correct. In fact there have only been three elected Labour Prime Ministers since the war. Two were Socialists and one a Social Democrat. The final Socialist was Harold Wilson. After his disastrous time in office the people of Britain rejected Socialism.
    As society becomes more afluet, educated and socially mobile, there is a natural move away from Socialism to the centre and centre-right. This has taken place throughout the globe.
    It’s is clear to see the panic which is now taking place in the Labour party. Every dog has his day and Labour have had theirs. Gordon Brown was not the last, but the final Labour Prime Minister.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      You still do not answer valid points put to you Howard, nor do you answer questions. Personally I doubt very much that Corbyn will ever get to No.10, what he will do is shake up the Labour Party and get people discussing things. However regarding railways; “The model of privatisation created by Margaret Thatcher was copied all over the world. It was a spectacular success”. Excepting in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, parts of Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, India, Japan and many others around the globe. Funnily, Norways rail network is privately owned although heavily subsidised by the taxpayer. (Wikipedia). So Howard it appears that Thatchers spectacular success is anything but. All UK railway operators are subsidised yet manage to make a profit for their shareholders. My opinion is that such ‘profit’ ought to in our governments hands and not in individual pockets.

      Next discussion please Howard. What about Police or Housing. ;-D

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        In fact Ian, privatisation took place all over the world, including in many of the countries you have mentioned. Not all nations have privatised their railways. At least not yet!
        You mentioned profits made by the state owned railways going into the exchequer. State owned railways don’t make profits. Just the opposite. They need large subsidies from the tax payer.
        Yet in the private sector they do make profits and those profits are taxed. So the exchequer benefits.
        The topic of these comments was the railways and originally, electrification of the Midland Mainline. The format of Bramcote Today hardly lends itself to overlong comments. To that end, remarks about the Police and Housing, will be best served when a specific article is published. As a Labour agent, I’m sure you will agree.

  4. Ian Blakeley says:

    Yet more mistakes by you Howard. According to my source, which was cited, the countries mentioned have all either re-nationalised the railways or never privatised them. UK railways are still subsidised in order to make a profit.

    Also, I’m not, nor ever have been, a member of the Labour party. Used to be a member of the Conservatives though, many years ago.

    Looks like it’s going to be a nice day:- Enjoy. ;-X

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      Ian, In suggest you read my comments more closely. You seem to be be making inferences which are not there.

      • RichHartman says:

        Howard – if the railways, and other public transport, were nationalised (again), the business would not be motivated by shareholders’ greed (hurray) but motivated by the desire to provide a decent transport-for-all infrastructure that supports social integration and social cohesion within which the low-revenue routes could be cross-subsidised by the high-revenue routes. You should talk to people who lived in pre-Beeching railway towns & villages.
        Now we have HS2 on the horizon and even though that’s supposed to be a project which is the national interest long-term, its implementation is bogged down by ‘consultation’ and Nimbys who are blind to the public good and incapable of thinking beyond the short-term.

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