Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP: Just a Short Newsletter

Anna  Soubry  MPAnna Soubry writes: This is a short email newsletter. I am on my way today to China as part of an important trade delegation; I am particularly looking forward to visiting Nottingham University’s campus at Ningbo.

As you may have heard the Assisted Dying Bill was defeated last week. The debate was very good and I listened to all the arguments. I voted in favour of the Bill but such was the scale of opposition I think it is unlikely similar measures will return to Parliament for some time.

As ever,

Defending our Green belt

dogI held a meeting with campaigners dedicated to defending our Green Belt and the Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis., yesterday afternoon.

It was an excellent exchange of views and Brandon gave us a considerable amount of impartial and well founded advice.

I will report back in more detail in my next email newsletter especially as we quizzed Brandon about how the Borough Council can amend the plans in particular to safeguard the Green belt at Toton and allow proper development of HS2.

Brandon is not allowed to make any comment on any planned or existing planning permissions but he did explain the rules and procedures to the large number of Councillors and campaigners who came along. My thanks to everyone involved.

What’s on in Broxtowe

Saturday 19 September
Hickings Lane Bike Jam
12 noon till 4pm
Where: Hickings Lane Park, Stapleofrd.
What’s on: Extreme Wheels display team, trail and mountain biking ramps and much more full details here.

Sci-Fun event – Kimberley
12 noon till 3:30pm
Where: Toll Bar Square, Kimberley Town Centre.
What’s on: Free Sci-Fun event with have a go activities. Full details here.

Wednesday 23 September
Wednesday mornings with Dig in, Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Come and help your local community allotment and learn new skills. Please click here to learn more about Dig In.

Thursday 24 September
NHS Nottingham West CCG – AGM
6pm till 8pm
Where: The Haven Centre, Wadsworth Road, Stapleford, NG9 8BD.
What’s on: Limited spaces please pre-book, further details here.

Stapleford WI
Where: The Meeting Place, Stapleford.
What’s on: Stapleford WI have a varied programme of events throughout the year, further details here.

The Argentine Tango
2pm till 3:15pm
Where: Beeston Library.
What’s on: Illustrated talk with demonstrations full details here.

Friday 25 September
Oxjam Ceilidh Night
7:30pm till 11pm
Where: Beeston Victory Club.
What’s on: Live music and dancing with the Beeston ceilidh Collective.

Saturday 26 September
Beeston Wildlife Group – Guided Walk
Where: Attenborough Nature reserve

Beeston Victory Club – The Swinging Blue Jeans
What’s on: 1960’s Merseybeat Band, full details here.

Sunday 27 September
Toton though the Ages – Michaelmas Fete
12 noon till 5pm
Where: Manor Farm recreation Ground, Toton.
What’s on: Free community event with re-enactors, exhibitors and activities such as falconry, face painting, Shetland ponies and much more.

Monday 28 September
Sixties flower Power
1pm ill 3pm
Where: Church Close, Trowell.
What’s on: Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 1960s with music and food.

Anna Soubry MP
Barton House, High Road, Chilwell. NG9 4AJ

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4 Responses to Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP: Just a Short Newsletter

  1. RichHartman says:

    “I held a meeting with campaigners dedicated to defending our Green Belt ” – it’s a bit late: despite Anna’s protestations and promises 12 months ago, the greenbelt at Field Farm and at Toton is gone due to her colleague Pickles not stepping in when he could have done.

  2. Judy S says:

    Unfortunately for anyone wanting to go to the Argentinian Tango event, it was today, Saturday, not next week.

    • Janina M says:

      Thank you for posting this Judy – I think maybe it was you that alerted me on Saturday about the mention of the event in Anna Soubry’s newsletter of which I was totally unaware.

      The event was a huge success. We were overwhelmed by the response for tickets and ended up with a long waiting list and many more disappointed customers. Hopefully I can persuade the presenters to do another one sometime in the future – it’s always great to get more people through the library doors!

  3. The solution to defending the Green Belt – pledged by Bramcote’s Conservative candidates, now councillors – is to let it do its job and focus on development elsewhere in the Borough. Notably by building a denser Beeston town centre, starting with Phase 2 of the Town Centre (given the failure of the previous administration to deliver any residential as part of Phase 1). There are of course other sites, not least along the new tram route, that are also ripe for redevelopment and that could have a critical role in delivering a vibrant and vital Beeston.

    So far there is little evidence that officers have been tasked by councillors to investigate how to meet Broxtowe’s own housing target without following the previous LibDem/ Lab coalition intentions on building on the Green Belt. Nor do they seem to have been instructed to avoid at all costs low density development in already sacrificed areas of the Green Belt.

    One might be forgiven for wondering if is a narrative is being created that is intended to result in our Conservative controlled council seeking to lay the blame for their impotence to defend the Green Belt from development on the Core Strategy adopted by the previous LibDem/Lab coalition. A good start in correcting this impression would be news that the Green Belt consultation carried out earlier in the year has been kicked into the long grass.

    And finally, if anyone would like to take part in a Community Design Forum to express their views on what they would like to see happen to the Bramcote Hills-Moor Lane-Coventry Lane area they can still register to attend on Saturday 26 September by going to:

    (Argentine Tango lovers could come along and ask me to show them my extremely limited, and very recently acquired, repertoire of this wonderful dance)



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