Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP: Syria and Other Matters

Anna Soubry MPAnna Soubry writes: Parliament returns on Monday and no doubt the refugee crisis in the EU will be debated and discussed.

I want to thank everyone who sent me personal emails about the situation and with few exceptions, requests for Britain to do even more. Those pleas were not lost on me nor the Prime Minister, indeed we shared them and I am pleased we have agreed to take thousands of refugees.

However, the harsh reality if that there are some 4 million Syrians who have, understandably, fled their homes to escape the brutality and terror of the Assad regime and in more recent times, Isis. The overwhelming majority are living in refugee camps.

Britain has been the second biggest donor to those camps, to date providing £900 million in aid with a further £100 million pledged. There are for example, almost a million Syrian refugees in Jordan and almost a quarter of the people living in Lebanon are refugees. The situation in Turkey is particularly difficult with one million refugees many of whom are Syrian Kurds. The family of Aylan Kurdi the little boy whose body was discovered on a Turkish beach, had found refuge in Turkey and so it was not surprising their asylum application to Canada was refused. But desperate for the sort of life we enjoy and sometimes perhaps take for granted, they saw their only hope of a future was to come to Europe.

Ensuring no more children drown or suffocate to death in the back of lorries, will take considerably more than our offering to take thousands of refugees. We can only imagine the despair of those who live in a refugee camp because, however much support we give, whilst the camp offers safe shelter it is not home and it offers little hope for the future.

It’s a difficult truth but the ultimate solution lies in Syria and the creation of a peaceful, democratic society that protects its people and offers a future to little boys like Aylan Kurdi. In the meantime Britain will continue to play our part in helping Syria’s millions of refugees.

As ever,


Dignity in Dying

3334253_portcullisOn Friday Parliament is set to debate a Private Members Bill which would allow someone who has been diagnosed as having less than six months to live, to end their life with medical assistance. This is a very controversial Bill and I would urge you to read it and accompanying documents on the House of Commons web site.

I gave my broad support for a change in the law some years ago. I will be attending the debate and whilst I accept I have not heard all the arguments against the Bill, my inclination is to vote in favour of the Bill. You can be assured I am grateful for all the emails on the subject which I have received and read and will consider all the arguments before voting.

Read the Assisted Dying Bill >>>

Kimberley School Success

Congratulations to everyone at Kimberley School on improved GCSE results this year and another set of excellent A level results details of which I received after my last email newsletter.

Tram Looking Good ….

I was on holiday when the tram finally opened to passengers. The view from my office window looks good, with a steady number of passengers. It is to be hoped folk will stop off at Beeston and enjoy the town’s excellent shops, pubs, cafes and other businesses.

Stapleford Carnival

NL1It was good to meet so many great organisations enjoying success at today’s Stapleford Carnival. Rick Harrington from Forces in the Community, the Beeston based charity to help ex-servicemen and women, was juggling being at Stapleford with events at Tesco’s in Toton and Long Eaton. Forces in the Community is one of the charities supported by Broxtowe’s Mayor Sue Bagshaw, who also helped open Stapleford Carnival.

Support Forces in the Community >>>

Opencast Correction

NL2In my last email newsletter I did not explain that Moto, the owners of Trowell services, have agreed to plans to take coal from the planned Shortwood open cast directly onto the M1. This is very good news and I have already met and discussed the proposals with Highways England.

And finally ……

Congratulations to Borough and Stapleford Town Councillor Richard Macrae on his marriage to Donna. About time too!!

What’s on in Broxtowe

Sunday 6 September
Rainbow Walk
Where: The Broad Oak Pub, Main Street, Strelly, NG8 6PD.
What’s on: A walk through the countryside around Cossall, the walk is 7 miles long and will last around 3 hours.

Awsworth, Cossall and District Village Produce Association
Where: The Gate Inn, Awsworth.
What’s on: Full details here.

Monday 7 September
Bramcote CAT meeting. Bramcote CAT Agenda for Meeting on 7 September 2015
Where: Bramcote Church Hall.

Wednesday 9 September
Wednesday mornings with Dig in, Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Come and help your local community allotment and learn new skills. Please click here to learn more about Dig In.

Thursday 10 September to Sunday 13 September
Heritage Open Days
There are many varied events taking place all over the Borough, please click here to see all the events.

Friday 11 September
Beeston and District Civic Society – Meeting
Where: The Pearson Centre.
What’s on: Further details here.

Friday 11 September to Sunday 13 September
All Saints Church Strelley open days
10am till 5pm
Where: All Saints Church, Strelley Village.
What’s on: Further details here.

Saturday 12 September
Beeston Celidh
Where: The Boat and Horses, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands.
What’s on: Barn dance with Fred’s Folk Band.

Rylands Community Fair
12 noon till 3pm
Where: Trent Vale Community Fair.
What’s on: Free community event where there will be games, hot food, ice cream, local sports groups and much more.

Saturday 12 September to Sunday 13 September
Heritage Open Days – D10 Factory guided tours
Full details here.

Sunday 13 September
Colliers Wood Proms
Where: Colliers Wood, Moorgreen, NG16 2QU.
What’s on: Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the afternoon of live concert music.

Cats protection open day
1pm till 4pm
Where: The Gate House, New Farm Lane, Nuthall, NG16 1DY.
What’s on: Lots of different stalls and you can meet the cats in their care. Full details here.

Anna Soubry MP
Barton House, High Road, Chilwell. NG9 4AJ

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2 Responses to Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP: Syria and Other Matters

  1. Robin T says:

    In your discussion of Syrian refugees you sound like you’re commenting about facts but you seem to have your numbers of refugees all wrong. I suggest you go and read the UN reports and figures of numbers of refugees in nearby countries, there are many more than you claim as facts above.

    Your concluding remarks talk about the “ultimate solution” lying in Syria… sure… but no-one thinks that any of our current discussions/crisis of refugees, in Europe or in Syria’s neighbours, is remotely anything to do with the ultimate solution.

    The issues we ask for your views on are:
    (a) what are we going to do about refugees who have already fled the Middle East for Europe; and
    (b) what are we going to do those tired of sitting in refugee camps watching their kids grow up without an education… which they know is available as a refugee in other countries… and so who intend to shortly leave these camps?

    So far the government appear to announced that they will spend some more money feeding people in the camps, and will allow around 12 people per day (out of the 4 million) to apply to asylum to the UK?

  2. RichHartman says:

    900 million which could have been more effectively used for the benefit of those who paid the taxes now being sent abroad. We have old people living in poverty, ever more reliant on charity. The refugee plight is acknowledged, but what is Asad doing for his own people? However, with Field FArm being built on, wewill have more space to house those refugees who wish to come to Stapleford.

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