Bramcote School Development Plans – Bramcote CAT Meeting 7 September

In the middle of August I wrote on Bramcote Today about Paul Heery, the Executive Head of The White Hills Park Federation, attending the Bramcote CAT Meeting on 7 September. I invited readers to send in questions about the school development plans. A number of you responded and sent in questions. This is what I emailed to Paul Heery:

Dear Paul

I see that White Hills Park Federation is listed on the Agenda for the CAT Meeting next Monday and I have been led to believe that you will be speaking at the Meeting presumably to give an update on progress towards the redevelopment of Bramcote Schools.

A little while ago I asked readers of Bramcote Today the questions that they had in mind regarding the redevelopment. The obvious questions are what have you done so far, what have you still to do and what are the timescales to achieve the redevelopment of the school under current financial constraints? Some other more specific questions came in and these are listed below:

Why did you not look at redeveloping the school when the economy was booming or wait until it is to look again?
Who owns the land that might be sold to fund the school redevelopment?
Is it actually possible to sell this land to fund the school redevelopment and do you have the agreement of the owner to do this?
What public consultations are you planning beyond coming along to CAT Meetings?
Has the Secretary of State for Education given her approval to the disposal of the school playing fields?
Has the Highways Authority approved access for vehicles from the proposed site onto Coventry Lane?
Has Broxtowe’s Planning Department given indicative approval for your plans for the location of the new housing development particularly as the land in question is green belt which the Conservative Council has pledged to defend?
How do you intend to resolve the latest OFSTED report to ensure significant improvement within the very short timescale?
Does OFSTED have a view on your proposals for the new school redevelopment?
Do you have enough capacity within the school management to fix the OFSTED report and redevelop the school at the same time?
What is your ambition for exam success once the redeveloped school begins operation? Can you quantify this?
Are you in discussions with other schools to ensure that best practice is utilised about addressing the issues in the OFSTED report?
Are you in discussions with other schools who have carried out major rebuilding projects to ensure that having a “new” building also means having significant improvement in school performance?
Have you carried out a SWOT analysis for the redevelopment project and is it available?
Will you now rule out any question of the land by the Primary School (that which contains the running track) ever being sold for development?
Will you confirm that public access to this land will be permitted at all times?
What will happen in 30 years or so when you decide on more work/repairs are require. Sell some more land to fund it?

The topics raised by the questions seem to be the current school’s performance and its effect on the plans, financing the proposals, planning (in terms of local authority approval), consultation with the local community and what might the local community expect in addition to new school buildings. I trust you will be dealing with these issues.

I look forward to an interesting meeting.

Kind regards

Steve Austin
Bramcote Hills Community Association

Paul has written back to say he will be at the meeting and I trust he will be in a position to answer the questions.

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6 Responses to Bramcote School Development Plans – Bramcote CAT Meeting 7 September

  1. Kelly Batley says:

    The school at Alderman White needs drastically improving. My son attends there. He has Aspergers and the sensory issues are horrendous. I have a lot to say about the school but it’s not appropriate for this post. Mr Heery is a good man from what I see and I wish him every success in trying to improve the schools beneath him.

    • chris rigby says:

      Mr Heery may indeed be a good man. But by supporting a proposal to sell of land to fund development, which could drastically effect the area for neighbouring communities is the point in question.
      It is a short sighted measure which will have a number of detrimental effects. Not to mention the loss of a nice open aspect for the public to look at ( unless you ignore those petty signs which were erected).
      Many schools require funds for a number of things. Selling land is not the answer. In some form we pay for these schools and its teachers. They should source the cash from government. If not now, but when the economy is stronger. Sell the land and everyone pays, again.

  2. RichHartman says:

    With the Conservatives having been elected on a pledge to “defend the green belt”, no housing (or any other) development will ever be permitted here.
    Would those elected councillors care to confirm?

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    If a Conservative Councillor before any discussion takes place in the Council Chamber expresses a view then they may be prevented from voting on the matter.

  4. Judy S says:

    And off course we don’t need any housing in Broxtowe do we so why destroy people’s view’s to look at!

    • chris rigby says:

      To answer your question.No we dont.
      This is not about housing or the reasons for why we need more homes in this country. You can find a whole range of answers to that on any news programme.
      This is about a school, which wants to sell off land ( which they may or may not own ).
      Its about councillors keeping to their pledges made in the run up to the election.
      Its about preserving the green belt and not shifting boundaries to suit.
      Its about having a proper consultation with residents in the actual area the proposals will effect.
      Its about finding or waiting for alternative funding to build a new school. Not when the coffers are empty to act on a massive project such as this.
      You say “destroy” and i agree. That is why many people are not happy about using more good open land for upto 300 more homes.300 more cars etc.
      When the development was proposed on the A52 site (Moor Lane) at a CAT meeting. I witnessed the residents didn’t want development destroying their view either. So am fully justified in expressing similiar concerns.

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