Future of Beeston Shopmobility‏

Steve CarrSteve Carr, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Broxtowe Council writes: At Broxtowe BC Cabinet meeting on 28th July, we discussed the future of Beeston’s Shopmobility service. This vital service for many residents wanting to use Beeston’s shops and services, was moved to Cavendish Lodge on Devonshire Ave when the multi storey car park was demolished to make way for the tram. The number of people using the facility has declined since the move as it was a considerable distance from buses.

The Conservatives on the Cabinet approved a plan to move it to the main Council Offices against the wishes of Shopmobility. I backed the Trustees request for temporary accommodation on the new Interchange. Yes this would have cost money but at the same meeting the Conservatives approved plans to reduce income from car parks by introducing additional free parking for motorists. It is my belief that this was wrong and a clear indication of the new Council’s priorities going forward.

The Trustees of Beeston Shopmobility have reacted to the Council’s decision by announcing that they will cease operating the service. This is a huge loss to Beeston residents both presently and for the future. I urge the Council to reconsider their decision and provide temporary facilities pending Phase 2 of Town Centre redevelopment.

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