News From Councillor Jacky Williams 4 April 2015


Jacky Williams

Jacky Williams writes: It was suggested in a recent comment that I am hardly heard from. If people would be interested, I am more than happy to provide a brief resume of key issues from my week’s work.

Last week: Monday am. I attended the Adult Health and Social Care committee at County Hall, and expressed some concerns about fragmentation and governance within the South Notts health and social care integration programme. My comments were taken on board as this work progresses. I also expressed my delight that the Middle Street Resource centre has been granted a licence and service level agreement for one year in the first instance, to be reviewed. I continually point out that the proposed closure of Kingsbridge Way respite centre will cause real hardship.

Monday pm. Meeting with the Adult Social care officer with a lead on autism and learning disabilities. As Champion for Children and Young people with learning disabilities, I was able to make some connections with local organisations.

Tuesday am. I chaired the scrutiny group looking at the first draft of the Treatment Centre’s Quality Accounts. The group’s comments will be taken into account for the publication of the Quality Accounts in a couple of months. (I chaired a scrutiny group looking at NUH Quality accounts a couple of weeks ago and the same applies.)

Weds am. Broxtowe Partnership. I was able to report that the Nottingham West CCG has approved a sum of £50,000 for this years Lifestyle Fund, which will be distributed via the Health partnership Forum which I have chaired for the last few years.

Weds pm. Health and Wellbeing Board. Further discussion on learning disabilities and autism and the key findings from a recent peer challenge in which I was involved.

County Council is now in recess until after Easter, and Broxtowe is in Purdah until after the elections.

Jacky Williams is a Liberal Democrat Councillor for the Stapleford South East Ward of Broxtowe Borough Council and for the Bramcote and Stapleford Division of Nottinghamshire County Council.

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3 Responses to News From Councillor Jacky Williams 4 April 2015

  1. Sue Sambells says:

    Thank you, Jacky. I would be interested to read a similar account from all of our councillors; particularly the ones who no longer live in the area.

  2. jacky Williams says:

    I am happy to provide an account of the meetings I attend, and will do so once they resume after the Easter break.

    • Cliff H says:

      Better late than never, eh Jacky?
      Amazing how an upcoming election tends to spur our councillors into action.

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