Bardills Island

County Councillor Jacky Williams has received the following reply, having contacted A-one+ on behalf of concerned residents:

Your concerns regarding Bardills Island have been passed to me.

A-one+ are the managing agents working on behalf of the Highways Agency and we maintain the trunk roads and motorways in the East Midlands.

Currently Bardills is under the responsibility of the NET Tramworks because of their ongoing works in the area.

The Highways England Asset manager for Nottinghamshire is aware of the issues at Bardills Island and is contacting Taylor Woodrow – the contractor for the tram works – and Nottinghamshire County Council, who maintain the traffic lights in Nottinghamshire on behalf of Highways England, to address the matter as a matter of urgency.

If I can be of any further assistance in your enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Paul Cantrell


Unit 7

Evo Park

Little Oak Drive

Sherwood Business Park


NG15 0EB

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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10 Responses to Bardills Island

  1. Mark W says:

    One must assume that there is soon to be an election. We have only ever heard from this person a small hand full of times to say she is the other councilor for Bramcote on the county council.

  2. Graham Taylor says:

    There is a big problem when approaching the island from Toton . The road markings have been changed in an attempt to sort out either going west onto the A52,straight over to Stapleford or East to Nottingham.

    Too many people are going straight over when they are in A lane which should be for going west and also drivers are going straight over when in a lane for going east.

    Its confusing.

    • Kevin Fairbrother says:

      Yes, I’m now very wary when approaching from Toton and turning right (east) to the A52. I’ve twice had to take evasive action to avoid drivers who blindly drift across not one but two lanes. The layout is confusing and not adequately signed in my opinion, but one also has to sadly guard against some quite appalling driving.

  3. jacky Williams says:

    Firstly, I have sent many emails to this group, but few of them have been published.

    Secondly, the points that Graham makes have been referred back.

    • Richard Willan says:

      As a regular reader of posts on this forum, I am concerned to learn that only a few of your many emails have been published.

      Is it because your comments do not comply with the ‘Comments and Posts Publication Policy’ (and hence moderated) ……. or is there another reason?

      A comment from the Moderators would be appreciated.

      • Steve Austin says:

        As I post most of the material on this site and moderate the majority of comments, I can say that I have not blocked any material submitted by Jacky Williams for publication on As far as I am aware, its all been published.

        Looking back, I can’t think of any material submitted for posting that has been refused unless it has been a blatant advertisement for a company. This is not the case regarding comments as these do get rejected from time to time.

        Comments are rejected for a variety of reasons:
        1. They don’t meet the requirements of the Comments and Posts Publication Policy.
        but also for the editorial reasons that:
        2. They are inane.
        3. They are one line quips which add nothing to a debate.
        4. The debate has become circular and nothing new is being said.

        It was my policy that I would write to a commentator when their comment was rejected giving the reasons. However I ceased doing this when my correspondence in connection with a comment that contained unsubstantiated and potential libellous material about a politician lying was published on another local website.

        Steve Austin

  4. jacky Williams says:

    I certainly do not wish to become embroiled in an argument, but I have submitted information previously that has not been published. Perhaps because it related to Stapleford rather than Bramcote. For example, following the furore over gritting, a while back, I visited most of the grit bins in Stapleford, finding most empty of grit and many broken and damaged. All the information was submitted to the County Council and I sent the details to this web site as well.

  5. jacky Williams says:

    I have also submitted emails about serious pot holes that I have referred to the County Council, specifically on Ewe Lamb Lane junction with Derby Road/ Nottingham Road, as well a on a number of occasions reporting the poor state of Coventry Lane, much of which relates to sunken man hole covers which are the responsibility of Severn Trent, as well as one really nasty pot hole which I see this morning has reopened but has been marked for repair. Both these roads are in Bramcote. It may be that I was not using the proper format for submission, but anyway, I am now on here and I will continue to submit posts.

    • Steve Austin says:

      The above information was sent to Bramcote Today’s Facebook page which is a different kettle of fish. Material put as a post on Bramcote Today’s website automatically appears on the Facebook page. The reverse does not happen. If you want information posted on the Bramcote Today website, send it to

      • Richard Willan says:

        Steve – Many thanks for clarifying the posting procedure and for explaining why comments might possibly be rejected.

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