Bramcote Hills Community Association – Planning Sub-Committee

BHCA LogoIn my report on the Bramcote Hills Community Association AGM I said that that a proposal from residents was tabled to form a planning sub-committee to deal with the planning issues that Bramcote Hills, Bramcote Moor and Oaklands face. It was agreed that this sub-committee would be formally constituted at a Committee Meeting of Bramcote Hills Community Association. I can confirm that the Committee met on Thursday last week and a Planning Sub-Committee has been set up. The Sub-Committee will be Chaired by Paul Nathanial who has newly joined the Association’s Committee.

You will be aware from posts on this website that Broxtowe Borough Council are running a consultation on changes to the green belt and that it possible that some of the likely changes will significantly affect the Association’s area.  Please take the opportunity to comment on the Broxtowe Borough Council consultation.

Details of Bramcote Hills Community Association’s Planning Sub-Committee, where you can find out more about the the green belt consultation and how to comment on it can be found in the BHCA Planning Sub-Committee March 2015 Bulletin

The Planning Sub-Committee would like to keep in touch with the residents of Bramcote Hills, Bramcote Moor and Oaklands on planning matters of interest and details of how you can register to receive news are in the Bulletin.

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