Greens Join Climate Change March In Nottingham

gp-logoPress release from the Green Party: The Nottingham Green Party has joined the Climate Change March on Sunday in Nottingham to support the Climate Change Summit this week. The Green Party is calling for urgent action to address the increasing threat of climate change.

Amongst the Green attendees were Kat Boettge, recent Euro lead candidate, Sue and Richard Mallender, both Rushcliffe Borough Councillors.

They stated “we must act now and invest in insulation and renewables if we want to stand a chance in keeping global warming below the significant 2 degrees mark to avoid the worst environmental catastrophe, human history is facing.”

The Green Party has gained enormous increase in membership with over 27% here in the East Midlands. “People are concerned about the future, climate change and social injustice; they are increasingly realising that the Green Party has doable, fair and sound solutions.”

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