Plans for the Plessey Site in Beeston

Cllr Steve Barber reports: The plans are now on line click here to see them. The application covers both the main site and the Trent Vale Sports Ground. The main points are:
* 285 residential units
* A new Social Club on the main site
* A new changing facility/sports pavilion on the Trent Vale Road Sports Ground.
* New sports pitches.
* Local Food retail unit (Convenience store) on the main site.
* 60 Station car park spaces.
* A Health Centre
* 185,000 sq ft of new business units, including several small units.

Some highway improvements are shown, some are reserved so there is work yet to be done on this.

The next stage is that the Council must consider this application the possibilities are:
* It is rejected outright (unlikely)
* It is approved without conditions (also unlikely)
* It is approved with conditions under delegated powers (unlikely as I suspect some of you may wish to raise objections/express concerns).
* It comes before the Development Control Committee for approval some time over the summer after we have allowed a period for consultation (most likely).

As Chair of the Development Control Committee I am unable to express an opinion as to these plans before the committee meets. However, I consider it very important to be fully informed by all parties and listen to all opinions. The best way of ensuring your views are taken into account is to use the link here the closing dates are 29 May or if you abut the site 5 June .

Whether you support or oppose the plans please let us know, this is the opportunity to express concerns. This is clearly going to change the Rylands for generations to come, please let’s make sure it’s a change for the better.

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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