Safety on the A52 Pedestrian Crossing by Bramcote Leisure Centre

You will recall I wrote a post “Action Needed Before Somebody Is Killed” about the A52 pedestrian crossing by Bramcote Leisure Centre. See To follow this up I wrote to our Police Beat Manager, PC Karl Barlow, about drivers going through a red light at this pedestrian crossing at speed. Here is his considered reply: 

The traffic issues relating to the A52 Derby Road between Sherwin Island and Priory Island have been referred to our Traffic and Road Casualty Reduction Manager. A review of the collision/accident data found that it did not support the installation of a traffic light camera at this location.

The Highways Agency is ultimately responsible for this stretch of road.

As the matter of speed was also highlighted, this was also reviewed. The Highway authorities are responsible for checking locations on their network and monitoring collisions that occur there. If they identify a route suffering from increased collisions, and the causation factors include speed, they refer the site to the Safety Camera Team for enforcement.

In the case of the A52 Derby Road the issue of speeding has been highlighted to them and I have been told it does fulfil the normal criteria for a mobile speed camera. It has since been highlighted to the Highways Agency for their consideration.

In the meantime, I have planned a number of local police traffic operations along the A52 Derby Road, between Sherwin Island and Priory Island. I will start by looking at bus lane enforcement, but hope to progress to checking for adherence to traffic signals, the wearing of seat belts, mobile phones use when behind the wheel and licence and insurance violations etc.

I will be also be extending this operation to look at speeding along this stretch.

Motorists should note that this will be occurring and that we will be pursuing fines and prosecutions. So please do not use the bus lanes, always wear your seat belt and do not use your mobile phone when driving.

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4 Responses to Safety on the A52 Pedestrian Crossing by Bramcote Leisure Centre

  1. Alan Beale says:

    A very helpful reply Steve.

    I wonder if any thought has been given to relocating the large speed camera sign that sits on the inbound just pass Moor Lane. If the sign were moved up the hill towards the leisure centre this may deter speeding traffic from going through the lights on red. A modest cost but perhaps with significant savings in reduced accidents?

    • Steve Austin says:

      I alerted Stan Heptinstall to Alan’s proposal and he has emailed Bramcote Today to say “I am forwarding this to the Highways Agency for further consideration”.

  2. Cate Holmes says:

    I am so glad it is finally being looked at as I have been walking my children to school up Derby Road for years and virtually everyday I see drivers either jumping the lights, on the phone and daily using the bus lane. I would be grateful if all the pedestrian crossings were altered so that they change to green for pedestrains alot quicker and cars are not priority all the time. You can be waiting for what seems like ages as the traffic just crawls past and I can understand why sometimes it is tempting to nip across in frustration and accidents then happen. All in favour of speed cameras the sooner the better.

  3. Dhru Shah says:

    Completely agree with Cate. Those pedestrian crossing lights by the A52 Thoresby Road do indeed seem to take ages for those users – in many cases school children who may yet be unaware of the dangers of dangerous drivers. Hope this gets looked into before anything happens! Good job on the recent crackdown on bus lane abusers. Lets hope this becomes a regular event so as to show that law abiding people of Bramcote do mean business!

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