Field Farm, Stapleford

We understand from David Watts that Westerman’s have now submitted an incomplete application to Broxtowe Borough Council to build on the Field Farm Site.

The map is rather small but does indicate what maybe built on this Green Belt Site and the size of the built area compared to the green areas.  Many Bramcote residents walk along the public footpaths from the disused Nottingham Canal and over the Railway Bridge and continue south of the railway line towards the Hemlock Stone through the propsed building site on this land.

The same area may be viewed here in Google Maps.

A Public Meeting to discuss the development at Field Farm has been arranged by Anna Soubry MP at 2.00-4.00pm on Saturday 14th January 2012 at the Jaguar Pub in Stapleford.

If built upon, the houses suggested for the site may take a few years to be completed. The extra traffic created will slowly increase the congestion on our already congested roads. Do we have the schools and other amenities in the area to absorb the extra population?  Jobs will be created in the building trade and the local economy will be boosted with the extra spending by the residents of the houses.   What do you think?

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19 Responses to Field Farm, Stapleford

  1. Jennie Phillips on behalf of Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group AND STAPLEFORD RESIDENTS! says:

    What DO we think? Our Councillors tell us congested roads will lead to less accidents. Not to more pollution then? Shopping in local economy …. in Stapleford ? doubt it. Our local Council has killed Stapleford with it’s parking schemes preventing people from spending more than an hour free in Stapleford. They suggest opposing the Sandiacre Tescos build due to ‘increased traffic’ – double standards? Fields Farm development ‘new residents’ will almost certainly have to have cars, therefore will work and shop in Nottingham or Derby or further afield. Local Jobs? Where? Are new employers going to appear in Stapleford? The building trade won’t deliver jobs for locals – labourers are all brought in on-mass via the cheapest NATIONAL or international contractors. Certainly not benefitting the local economy long term is it? The only benefit to the area is years of destruction, mess while they build the houses, destroy the local insfastructure (ie cut and kill hedgerows, pollute Boundary Brook and the Erewash etc) and then there’s the mess we, Broxtowe Borough Council tax payer will have to clear up 10 years down the line when the developer has taken the money and run off – to leave current and new residents to deal with the problems faced by both communities. ‘Told you so’ doesn’t quite cut it after the event does it? Remember Trowell Park – marshland – Erewash Flood plain, flooding coming up through the drains? By all means, build flood barriers, but a flood barrier does not stop water flooding up through the drains when the whole area is saturated does it? North Stapleford has never had much, and doesn’t seem to be getting anything from this at all. On the other hand Trowell appear to be being ‘brought out’ with promises of open space AND/OR allotments from this ‘deal’. North Stapleford (and by default Bramcote) is being asked to take a irreplaceable ‘hit’ on behalf of Stapleford and Beeston. Fields Farm is a wonderful valuable open space used by the Community for the community – ALL residents in Bramcate, North Stapleford and Trowell. Its a wildlife corridor between Hemlockstone, Nottingham Canal and the Erewash Valley and Erewash canal. What they are planning is the continued urban sprawl of Nottingham, opening the door to developments on Coventry lane, Trowell Moor, Strelley, all the way to Watnall. Coventry Lane/Ilkeston Road are the last defensible lines of Stapleford and Bramcote for housing development. Bridge this line and the next defensible line our councillors and the developers will be proposing will be the M1 from Stapleford right through to Watnall. Do we all really want to loose our valuable open space? Why have our Councillors spent the last 6 months trying to ‘persuade’ us this is a good idea? We didn’t like it in 2000 when they tried to build 250 houses on the site – why would we change our mind when they come back with almost double the number of houses this time?

  2. David Watts says:

    I understand that the complete planning application is not now expected until the new year.


    • Jennie Phillips on behalf of Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group AND STAPLEFORD RESIDENTS! says:

      A planning application from Westermans relating to Fields Farm has appeared on 24 December 2011 on the Broxtowe Planning website
      Unfortunately, no further details are posted or are available online for review as it is annoted as [quote] ‘Outline application for residential development for up to 450 dwellings with all matters reserved except for access’. Why has the Council posted these online inviting comment when details are not available to make appropriate comment on.

      (1) what is the timeline for the overall Broxtowe Planning Process as we have been advised March – no one seems to know.
      (2) why has Westermans submitted planning documentation on 8 and 24 December as an e-newsletter from Cllr David Watts in mid-December suggested no decision had been published [publicly] on the Planning Process prior to 20 December 2011.

      • David Watts says:

        Hi All

        If it’s an outline application then the details of layout and building design etc won’t be available – Westermans haven’t provided them yet. All they are asking for in this application, by the looks of it, is to establish the access point and the principle of whether building will be allowed. IF this is permitted then they would need to come back with the details later and submit a further application for them.

        All the documentation has gone live on the web site today. I hope people will accept that it would have taken a little while simply to upload all this, and there was no sinister motive for the fact that they didn’t appear until the next working day after the application was validated. That having been said, I will ensure that we extend the period for submitting comments by four days to compensate for the delay.

        The target date for dealing with a major application is to have everything resolved within 13 weeks. Ideally therefore we want to have this resolved by 23rd March. This would in reality mean going to the Development Control Committee on 14th March. I’ll confirm the date when I know it for certain. There is I’m afraid a possibility that the date of the meeting may have to change because there may have to be an extra full council meeting that day.


  3. Zoe Cockcroft says:

    STRAG – Stapleford & Trowell Rural Action Group have organised a very important Public Meeting at The Jaguar Pub, Hickings Lane, Stapleford to take place on Saturday 14th January from 2pm to 4pm. It is hoped that the whole local and wider community will support it and sign a petition that will go to Parliament. To find out more email:
    Send your personal objections to –, and

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  5. Jennie Phillips on behalf of Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group AND STAPLEFORD RESIDENTS! says:

    I post this for readers to consider, with a mini disclaimer: Stapleford and Trowell Action Group are not a political organisation, they have worked for the residents WITH the support of residents. They tell us they oppose ANY building on Field Farm. In 2000, we worked with many local Councillors of all political parties. Two years ago, and earlier this year we invited ALL local Councillors to work with us again. Instead, the Councillors representing Trowell and North Stapleford (Lib Dem and Labour) have campaigned publicly FOR housing on Fields Farm in their newsletters, and in the local press. We, STRAG, will continue to pursue communication with local Councillors, and actively encourage them to engage with us – after all, we are their electorate. I paste below a quote from an e-press-release we have received from Broxtowe Liberal Democrats his weekend:
    “However, Broxtowe Liberal Democrats are very unhappy about the decision to continue investigating the possibility of using other greenbelt land to the west of Nottingham for housing. The greenbelt designation serves a valuable function in separating the different communities in Broxtowe, Erewash and on to Derby. In taking this view we are in accord with a recent inspector’s report that recommends retention of greenbelt land to the west of Nottingham. We are particularly disturbed about the possible loss of land to the “north of Stapleford”. Field Farm helps separate Stapleford from Trowell, and the Nottingham canal and the area that surrounds it is a beautiful asset that is enjoyed by many thousands of the residents of our borough.”
    We, STRAG welcome the above statement from Broxtowe Lib Dems and hope this is a turning point for us all – i.e. the residents (and of course flora and wildlife) who will be wholly affected by any Field Farm development. Field Farm needs to be secured wholly for the future, as local residents are not going anywhere, and nor are they changing their view, we, the residents must safeguard it’s future for our children to enjoy.

    We have reviewed the present planning application and there are significant flaws which we will be presenting in our own response. We encourage ALL residents to review the planning application and everyone MUST submit a response, either online, or in writing. We must all be heard! Please use the web links in the previous postings.

    In closing, may I sincerely thank everyone who is spreading the message, please keep up the good work and Happy New Year. Remember, there is hope!

  6. David Watts says:


    I don’t know who sent you the press release but it didn’t come from the Lib-Dems, Someone appears to be faking things.


  7. David Watts says:

    Thanks Richard, I’ve never seen it before. It seems to be a document published by the County Council, which includes something from a very old Lib-Dem press release (i.e. several years ago), before successive Governments changed the rules and forced us into the position we are now in. I’m not at all happy about the county council choosing to publish my phone numbers without permission and will raise this with them. However that does not represent the position of the Liberal Democrats. We do not in general support development on the green belt, and indeed I argued that as a major theme at the general election, but the Government have imposed rules on councils which leave us with no choice. I’ve asked Anna Soubry and also the Conservatives on the council to lobby the Government, as I have been doing, but to no avail.

    • Richard MacRae says:

      Instead of building on Field Farm, wouldn’t the land behind Stapleford Cemetery be a better option? Access from Baulk Lane, Blake Road, Sisley Avenue and across the A52. It’s land that’s already in Stapleford so would not have the same bad effects as building on Field Farm. The boundries wouldn’t be effected as in joining Trowell and Stapleford by building on Field Farm. It would be near the new tram line so easy access for the residents to access Nottingham. As let’s face it, any new build anywhere isn’t going to be filled with people who live in Stapleford. There is easy access to the A52 and the M1 as well. That land would be a lot better to develop and wouldn’t upset half as many people as the Field Farm site. You could even have access over the land to the left of Cemetery road in Stapleford.

  8. Zoe Cockcroft says:

    Now that the tram route is going ahead, it makes sense that new developments should be in close proximity so that residents dont have to use their cars.

  9. Zoe Cockcroft says:

    With regards to the proposed development of Field Farm at Stapleford, the following extract has been taken from the Broxtowe Aligned Core Strategy Consultation Response Form completed by The Campaign to Protect Rural England represenative dated 3rd October 2011.

    The Land is green belt and the coalescence development would cause between Nottingham and Ilkeston/Trowell/Stapleford would turn this area into a vast urban sprawl. No defensible boundary to west of site. Nottingham Canal (Local Nature Reserve) runs through. Site is a SINC and wildlife corridor. Mature trees around Potters Plantation, Trowell Hall and canal. Site has wildlife habitats, ponds and brooks. Footpaths cross the site, including the canal towpath. Stapleford Hill is prominent area for special protection.
    Loss of agricultural land grade 2 and grade 3B.
    Development on this site would mean loss of open space and have an adverse visual impact on the area. Development would lead to a massive increase in traffic congestion at Balloon Woods crossroads, Coventry Lane, Ilkeston Road and junction at Bramcote Hills Park.
    Development of this size would put an unacceptable strain on the local infrastructure.

  10. Richard MacRae says:

    We all know this it’s a sad shame our elected local councillors are not with us on this. I have not heard a single one of them say they agree to no building on field farm. I haven’t heard a single one of them agree with the people they are supposed to represent. In fact you don’t hear anything from them unless they begging for your vote.

  11. Mike Johnson says:

    I have sent the following by email to both Stapleford North Councillors:
    Dear Councillor Brian Wombwell & Councillor Mrs Iris White BSc
    I have published yesterday a comment on the Field Farm debate from Richard MacRae.
    As he is accusing you of not representing the people of Stapleford North, I am sending to you a link to ‘Bramcote Today’ so that you may read the comment.
    I am sure you became Councillors in order to serve the people you represent and to act as you believe is in the best interests of your electorate.
    I invite you to reply to this comment on Bramcote Today so that you can explain the policies you intend to follow.
    Mike Johnson

  12. Zoe Cockcroft says:

    This extract was taken from The Conservatives website –

    Government Policy
    “All inappropriate development on green belt is not allowed….the draft Framework keeps current green belt protection”
    “Development should not be allowed if it would undermine the key principles for sustainability….such as protecting the green belt”

  13. Zoe Cockcroft says:

    I urge everyone to make your objections on the Broxtowe Borough Council Website to the Planning Application Ref no 11/00758OUT. This is an outline application which effectively seeks approval to the principle of residential development on the site at Field Farm which is in the Greenbelt . If Westermans get this approval, then they will go on to build 450 houses at Field Farm and no doubt more applications will follow in the future to build all the way north to the M1 and Trowell will become part of the urban sprawl with no identity.

    The increased congestion on the roads close to Field Farm would further clog up Ilkeston Road, Town Street Derby Road and Ewe Lamb Lane, everyone trying to get into and out of Beeston, Ilkeston and Nottingham. There will be increased noise and light pollution, lack of amenity space, lack of infrastructure, disruption and loss of important wildlife habitat will greatly be effected. I understand that there are long eared brown bats roosting in the barn at Field Farm, if houses are built surrounding the barn, they will not survive as they will be continuously disturbed. Water voles, bats, newts, kestrels, buzzards and skylarks frequent this area. I know that skylarks (which nest here all spring and summer) are on the RSPB red danger list. Mr Cameron PM states that greenbelt is sacrosanct…surly this means that Field Farm should be safe.

    Please don’t forget the Public Meeting which is this coming Saturday 14th January 2pm at The Jaguar Public House, Hickings Lane, Stapleford. Tell your friends and neighbours, bring your families. You will be able to ask questions, hear the truth, register your details on the STRAG (Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group) mailing list and put your name on the petition which Anna Soubry MP has said she will take to Parliament.

    We can together make our voices heard, we can make a difference, we hope to Save Our Greenbelt for future generations to enjoy.

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