Management Speak!

BT has been a bit serious of late so I hope you don’t mind if I offer this bit of light-hearted fluff.

I recently had cause to complain about the service I had received from a local organisation. Their response included the following italicised sentence:

Considering the reasons for the failure in communication I can inform you that my investigations have identified that the matter was not handled effectively because of procedural and staff failures which have been addressed by a combination of improvements to internal processes and modifications to lines of communication.

It’s some time since I retired so I’m not really up to speed with current management jargon, but my attempt to translate the above goes along the lines of:

We didn’t do what we should have done because of useless staff and lousy management but we’ve now sent out a memo about it.

but I’d be very interested in any alternative suggestions.

Obviously it would be totally unfair of me to identify the organisation concerned, but I will say that it is Beeston based and shares its initials with a national broadcasting concern funded from the public purse.

The letter was dated 9th December 2011 which was, ironically, National Plain English Day and coincided with the Plain English Campaign’s annual 2011 Golden Bull awards.  Have we got a contender for 2012?

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One Response to Management Speak!

  1. Barry Morrison says:

    And I’m sure the memo will correct everything.
    You could’nt make it up

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