Silver Surfers in Bramcote

St. Michael’s Church Centre, Church Street, Bramcote Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm. £3 per session – including refreshments.
The Internet is not just for the young –  have all your worst fears of computers blown away; we will have you surfing the internet and sending emails in no time at all.  Maybe you wish to extend your own skills but need some support, or you know someone who might benefit from a gentle introduction to using a computer and getting online in a supportive and friendly setting?  Bramcote Silver Surfers’ café style setting offers older people (50 and up) an instructive, relaxing and enjoyable time with one to one help using our computers; or just bring your own computer and ask for help when needed.
There are many people out there who either think computers and the internet are too complicated for them to use or simply can’t see why they are of any interest.  Showing people what’s possible and explaining how they can easily use the network to do things they want to do anyway, like finding the songs they remember or sending old photos to family members, is a great way of bringing down the barriers.
Nobody must be left behind when public services are offered online or unable to access favourable on-line retail prices.  Please don’t doubt the capability of older friends and family members but instead, print out this invitation for them.

Source: Email from David Hart who says the above is based in part on an article by Bill Thompson – 19 May 2010

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