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BHOSPG -Report to BHCA AGM – relating to the old Golf Course Land

Bramcote Hills Open Space Protection Group (BHOSPG). Our Group has been in existence since 2009 when planning applications were made by the owners of the Golf Course for Houses on Thoresby Road and then another for a Car Wash on the Car Park.

You are all aware of the history of the Land that was the Golf Course. You know that the Owners applied during October 2014 to the Council for Planning Permission to Build a Retirement Village on part of the Site and then if they receive the go ahead they will donate to the Council the Deddington Plantation and the Car Park near Thoresby Road. Details of the application can be found at the Council under reference 14/00677.

When I presented my report at the AGM last year it was thought that the Broxtowe Borough Council Planning Committee would make a decision on the application during the summer of last year.   However, the applicants were requested by the Planning Officers to submit a more detailed Wildlife Survey. The applicants survey was conducted during the period 21 August to 28 September and was eventually submitted in November 2015.    The survey was remarkable as it does not report any evidence of Grass Snakes within the old Golf Course Land.

Many thanks to all our local residents who submitted to us details of sightings and photographs of the Wildlife in and around the old golf course. Our own excellent survey compiled by Phil Carter submitted to the Council in early December. We have a Photograph of a Grass Snake found in a garden adjacent to the Old Golf Course land.     We received many good photographs from our residents but to keep the survey as short and succinct we have limited the number of photographs within our Residents’ Survey.   However, we intend to use many of the photographs in the near future.    This survey has in our opinion helped to prove the value of the Old Golf Course Land as part of the Wildlife Corridor linking open countryside with Wollaton Park.   If you search ‘Residents Wildlife Survey’ in ‘Bramcote Today’ website, you will be able to find the Survey.

We are now waiting for the application to be considered by the Broxtowe Planning Committee at one of their monthly meetings.   The Agendas for future Planning Committee Meetings have not yet been published.   We understand from Emma Palmer-Barnes, Planning Officer in Charge of the application, that the application will not be on the agenda for the Planning Meeting on 10 February nor the extra meeting on Tuesday 23 February that has been rescheduled from the 17 February. This is not because of our AGM but because of the Toton by-election. The next meetings are scheduled for 16 March and 20 April.

We therefore await news as to when the Planning Committee will consider the application. At the meeting Steve Beck, a member of our committee, will be our spokesman during the debate. We trust that the Councillors on the committee will uphold the Aligned Core Strategy Document which states that the land is a Protected Open Area and refuse the application. However, that will probably not be the end of our battle to save the Wildlife Corridor as the applicants will probably make an appeal to the Governments Planning Inspectorate.

Mike Johnson, Chair of BHOSPG, 25 January 2016.

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Beeston: Town of Love – Is Looking for a Leap Year Bride!


The Beeston Town Team is looking to follow with Leap Year tradition on the Monday 29th February, by inviting a lady to propose to her partner and win lots of Beeston High Street prizes!

For more information contact the Beeston Town Team:

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Safer Internet Day Live Web Chat – Tuesday 9 February At Noon

Samantha Hancock (Police, Crime Prevention Unit Manager, Nottinghamshire) writes: As part of Safer Internet Day tomorrow we will be hosting a live web chat where our experts will answer any questions you have about keeping safe online.

If there is anything you want to know about internet safety go to our chat page: send us your questions. Continue reading

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News From the Liberal Democrats 7 February 2016

Liberal Democrats LogoDavid Watts writes on: 1. Fracking List, 2. Beeston Fields Primary School, 3. By Elections, 4. Council Tax, 5. Yellow Line Proposals, 6. Tree Planting, 7. Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, 8. Fire Fighter Recruitment, 9. DH Lawrence Centre, 10. Anna Soubry, 11. Term Time Holiday Fines, 12. Young People’s Views On The Police, 13. HS2, 14. Child Care, 15. Walking Rugby.

1. Fracking List
According to a report in the Nottingham Post this week Nottinghamshire County Council has produced a list of potential fracking sites in the county which claims that there are “large resources” of shale gas under towns such as Stapleford and Beeston. I am deeply worried about this and do not believe that we should be permitting fracking. Surely it makes far more sense to be investing in renewable energy rather than fracking with all the risks and problems associated with it. Sadly our MP has come out this week to publicly say that she supports fracking, and the Government have also revealed plans to take away decision making on fracking from local authorities and give it to unelected government officials instead. Continue reading

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Are You Interested in becoming a Special Constable ?

Message sent by John Lennard (NottsWatch, Administrator, Nottinghamshire)

Interested in becoming a Special Constable for Nottinghamshire Police? Nottinghamshire Police are now recruiting for Special Constables and RURAL Special Constables

For more information click on this link – Special Constables Wanted


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Spring Arrives At Attenborough Bloom Weekend‏

Spring Festival Bloom poster_001

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Press Release from the Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP: Cycling Accidents Along Chilwell High Road Tram Route

Anna Soubry MP has called an urgent meeting with NET, Tramlink, the local police inspector, representatives from the local authorities and other relevant parties, to discuss the high number of cycling accidents along Chilwell High Road.

Anna said “I am calling together all involved parties as I am alarmed by the number of incidents that have occurred along this part of the tram route. The current layout is dangerous and we have already seen several very serious accidents. ” Continue reading

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Advice for Flood Victims: Bogus Trades People

Action Fraud LogoAction Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) writes: In December 2015 the UK was hit by three severe storms resulting in widespread flooding across the North of England and Scotland.

The NFIB would like to make flood victims aware of the possible threat that Rogue Traders and Bogus Trades People pose to them. Buying on your doorstep can be convenient. However, a salesman who uses clever tactics can pressurise you into buying something you actually don’t want or something that’s poor value for money. Continue reading

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Question Time Monday 29 February, 7.00pm, Bramcote Memorial Hall

Bramcote lealfet for website_001

See Question Time Leaflet

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Register To Vote During Broxtowe National Voter Registration Day‏

NVRD Poster 3Broxtowe residents are being encouraged to take power and register to vote next week as part of activities taking place for National Voter Registration Day.

There’s now less than 100 days until Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s election and Broxtowe residents are being urged to make sure they’re registered to vote, so they don’t miss out on the chance to choose who they’d like to set the priorities for Nottinghamshire Police.

The election will take place on Thursday 5 May and local councils have been asked to help support the Electoral Commission campaign to increase awareness of the election and the role of the PCC. Continue reading

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Bramcote Old Church Tower Quiz Night Saturday 5 March

Poster 2016 March Quiz Night A4

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“Your Package Has Been Seized” Royal Mail Scam Email

Action Fraud LogoAction Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) write: Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails that claim a package has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom. The official looking scam emails claiming to be from Royal Mail contain a link to a document which will install malicious software on your computer designed to steal credentials like account names, email addresses and passwords. Continue reading

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Anna Soubry MP Expresses Concern on Boots Changes

Press release from the Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP:

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has expressed concern that Boots are to change their customer services. The Beeston based firm has announced its 400 plus workers are to change employers.

Anna said “I recognise that Boots remains committed to Beeston but seek assurances that this will not result in job losses and a reduction in service to customers. Boots has a strong reputation as a first class local employer. I have spoken to them and will continue the dialogue to ensure they remain committed to Beeston and the wider Nottingham community in real terms.”

See also Nottingham Post and BBC Website.

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Walking Rugby – Give it a Try

Walking Rugby

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Timeshare Recovery Room Fraud

Action Fraud LogoAction Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) write:

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people of the dangers of Recovery Room fraudsters targeting former victims of Timeshare fraud.
Recovery Room Fraud refers to a scam whereby fraudsters contact the victims of previous frauds, often by way of cold calling them, and claim to be able to recover previously lost funds. In July 2014 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) estimated that 30% of people who had lost money through Investment fraud would also fall victim to a Recovery Room fraud. Continue reading

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News for the Liberal Democrats 31 January 2016

Liberal Democrats LogoDavid Watts writes: It was great to be part of the launch of the Lib Dem by election campaign for Toton and Greasley last week (although it did snow on me whilst I was delivering leaflets in Toton on Saturday). Our candidate for Toton is Graham Heal, who is the only one of the candidates to actually live in the ward, and our candidate for Greasley is Keith Longdon, the Mayor of Eastwood and one of the most wonderful people I know. Both of them would make excellent councillors. Continue reading

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Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP – 29 January 2016

Anna Soubry MPEnough is enough – time for action to safeguard our cyclists

I have called on the relevant authorities to carry out a full risk assessment as a matter of urgency on High/Chilwell Road in Beeston following yet another cycling accident.

For more than two years I have been calling on Tramlink, NET and the City Council to take action and make the road safe for cyclists. Last week another cyclist got their front wheel trapped in tram tracks causing him injury and damage to the bike.    Continue reading

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Official Minutes of Bramcote CAT Meeting Held on 30 November 2015

Click on Minutes of Meeting 30 November 2015 issued by Broxtowe Borough Council today.

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News from David Watts Liberal Democrats – 24 January 2016

David-WattsBy Elections /2. Field Farm /3. Toton Planning Application /4. Beeston Post Office /5. Police Neighbourhood Priorities Survey / 6. 999 v 101 /7. Moves to Abolish Broxtowe /8. Summer Play Schemes /9. Y36 Bus /10. Council Tax /11. Sainsburys in Stapleford / 

  1. By Elections

As I reported last week there will be two by elections in Broxtowe, both taking place on Thursday 18th February. In Toton and Chilwell Meadows the Lib-Dem candidate will be Graham Heal, a Toton resident. Graham stood as an independent last year and performed very well, and he has now joined the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservative candidate lives in Beeston North and the Labour candidate lives in Stapleford. UKIP didn’t even manage to find someone to stand. In Greasley the Lib-Dem candidate will be Keith Longdon, the very popular County Councillor for Eastwood. Continue reading

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Helping to Keep Youngsters Safe Online

Samantha Hancock (Police, Crime Prevention Unit Manager, Nottinghamshire) writes: Nottinghamshire Police would like to bring to your attention a publication called ‘Digital Parenting’

Digital Parenting is a publication by The Vodafone Foundation. It aims to provide parents with useful information to help them understand the latest technology, parental controls and features available to help keep youngsters safe online. Continue reading

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