Green Belt Review – Make Sure You See How Bramcote Hills and Bramcote Moor Might Be Affected

I am writing as Chairman of Bramcote Hills Community Association rather than as an Editor of Bramcote Today.

I urge all the Residents of Bramcote Hills and Bramcote Moor to look at the consultation documents regarding the Green Belt Review on Broxtowe Borough Councils website at Pay particular attention to pages, 74, 75 76 (Page 76 is a map of Zones 29 to 32) 98, 99 and 100 in the Broxtowe Borough Council Preferred Approach to Site Allocations (Green Belt Review) Consultation February 2015 document. Bramcote Hills and Bramcote Moor residents will be particularly interested in zones 29 and 30 (south and north of Bramcote Ridge).

There will be a presentation of the Green Belt Review at the Bramcote CAT Meeting on Monday 2 March at Bramcote Memorial Hall at 7.00pm and a public drop-in question and answer session at the Town Hall in Beeston on Thursday 5 March 12.30pm to 7.00pm.

Take the opportunity to see what is being put forward, formulate your views and make them known. It’s important you formally respond to Broxtowe Borough Council. See the link above.

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Apologies From Bramcote Today

The Editors regret to say that Bramcote Today’s gmail account has been infected with a virus and you may have received unexpected emails from us. Please don’t open them and but delete them straightaway. 

We have closed the Bramcote Today gmail account which should ensure further emails are not sent.

Our new email account for correspondence is

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Comments on Bramcote Today – Reminder

All comments submitted are moderated and must comply with our Comments and Posts Publication Policy. Pay particular attention to the name you use. A valid email address must be supplied.

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Arundle Drive Very Poor Surface

Graham Taylor writes: Isn’t about time the whole length of Arundle Drive Bramcote was given a complete new surface? This is greatly used by school traffic and many of the pot holes are forcing traffic to go down the middle of the road. This is most certainly a safety hazard if you were to observe between 0800 nd 09.00 and again in the afternoon.

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Town Street – Urgent Action Required

Martin Plackett writes: Town Street between the A52 and it’s junction with Cow Lane is in a very poor state of repair.   Despite a number of pot hole repairs a recent Senior Inspector from the County Council has visited the site saying that ‘ the street is suffering, despite numerous repairs from ongoing detioration’.  ‘ the aesthetic condition and associated ride are of poor quality’.  ‘As the Street  is due for resurfacing in August 2015 further patching is not appropriate’
I would ask that our Councillors, taking the Inspectors report into account to press the County Council to bring forward the resurfacing ASAP.

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Bramcote Hills Community Association – Planning Sub-Committee

BHCA LogoIn my report on the Bramcote Hills Community Association AGM I said that that a proposal from residents was tabled to form a planning sub-committee to deal with the planning issues that Bramcote Hills, Bramcote Moor and Oaklands face. It was agreed that this sub-committee would be formally constituted at a Committee Meeting of Bramcote Hills Community Association. I can confirm that the Committee met on Thursday last week and a Planning Sub-Committee has been set up. The Sub-Committee will be Chaired by Paul Nathanial who has newly joined the Association’s Committee.

You will be aware from posts on this website that Broxtowe Borough Council are running a consultation on changes to the green belt and that it possible that some of the likely changes will significantly affect the Association’s area.  Please take the opportunity to comment on the Broxtowe Borough Council consultation.

Details of Bramcote Hills Community Association’s Planning Sub-Committee, where you can find out more about the the green belt consultation and how to comment on it can be found in the BHCA Planning Sub-Committee March 2015 Bulletin

The Planning Sub-Committee would like to keep in touch with the residents of Bramcote Hills, Bramcote Moor and Oaklands on planning matters of interest and details of how you can register to receive news are in the Bulletin.

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News From Anna Soubry MP 28 February 2015

Anna  Soubry  MPAnna Soubry writes:It’s a pretty mixed bag of news this week. I am also particularly keen to “plug’ two events for two great local charities. The Wellbeing of Women Ball is next Saturday and on March 14 there will be an excellent evening’s entertainment in aid of Headcase. My thanks as ever to Cllr. Halimah Khaled from WOW and Colin Spiers from Headcase (both great local champions) for sending me the details for the diary section. And the “and finally” is unashamedly cute!

As ever,

Anna Continue reading

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By Failing to Plan You Plan to Fail

Paul Nathanail writes: Broxtowe Borouch Councillors have embarked on a review of the Green Belt with the sole purpose of eroding the extent of that Green Belt to release land for (housing) development.  This erosion of the Green Belt appears to have the support of all three of our Councillors within Bramcote ward. Continue reading

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Green Belt Review

Richard MacRae writes: If you want to share this as there is a lot on the greenbelt review as Stephan Saunders was at the meeting so could be good for your readers to watch and listen to what he says.

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Warning of Handbag Thefts in Supermarket Car Parks

Samantha Hancock (Police, Crime Prevention Unit Manager, Nottinghamshire) writes: Nottinghamshire Police would like to warn shoppers to be vigilant after three handbags were stolen from a supermarket car park in one day. Continue reading

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Influence Policing in Bramcote

Paul Dickinson (Police, Partnership Coordinator , Nottinghamshire) writes: If you want to influence what issues the Bramcote  beat team focuses on for the next three months, complete our online Neighbourhood Priority Survey. Continue reading

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Rugby World Cup 2015 – Avoid Bogus Ticket Websites/Sellers

Action Fraud LogoAction Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) writes: Action Fraud, together with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and the City of London Police, are working in partnership with Rugby World Cup 2015 organisers to disrupt those entities seeking to sell Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets without permission from the official provider.

We would like rugby fans and the general public to be aware that they should only purchase tickets from official sources and avoid being scammed. Continue reading

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Nick Palmer on Service Standards for Broxtowe/£50 If You MIGHT Vote Tory/In Defence of Anna Soubry

nick-_palmerNick Palmer writes: I’d like to make some promises on consultation which many MPs and candidates would think unwise. The reason I’m making them is that I’m tired of people saying that politicians are unapproachable, indifferent and remote. Politics in Britain has become too much a trench war between rival bands of professionals who have never done anything else.

I’ve worked in the private sector for 18 years, for an NGO for five, and run my own business twice. Nobody would tolerate the sort of behaviour that has become the norm in politics: the reply a month later that doesn’t answer the question.

Let’s have some service standards. Continue reading

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NET Works Update – Chilwell Road Area‏

See NET Works Update – Chilwell Road Area‏ Page1 and NET Works Update – Chilwell Road Area‏ Page 2 for details.

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How to Protect Yourself from Biggest Killer of Women in the UK

NHS LogoGPs in Nottinghamshire are supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of heart related problems.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills as many women as it does men – that’s over a quarter of men and women. CVD includes all the diseases of the heart and circulation, including coronary heart disease (CHD – angina and heart attack) and stroke. There are over 900,000 women in the UK living with CHD. What’s more, CHD kills nearly three times more women than breast cancer. Continue reading

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Broxtowe BC Posts Notices About Two Consultation Meetings on the Green Belt

Paul Nathanial writes: Walkers down Moor Lane this afternoon may have seen a notice near the junction with the A52 advertising two meetings where we can meet with council officers to discuss the current consultation on yet further erosion of the Green Belt.

One meeting was held yesterday – in Eastwood – but no information on how to travel back in time was provided on the notice.

The second meeting is on 5 March from 1230 to 1930 at the Town Hall in Beeston.

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Further delay in the Decision on the fate of the Old Golf Course

David Watts informs us that the Broxtowe Planning Department are putting the decision on the golf course back until June, at the earliest, to ensure that a proper nature survey can be undertaken on the site.

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Revised Bramcote CAT Agenda

The Agenda for the meeting on Monday has been slightly amended. See Bramcote CAT Agenda for Meeting on 2 March 2015 Amended.

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Warning Over Scammers in Nottinghamshire Claiming to be Ex-offenders Selling Household Products

David Brocklebank (Nottinghamshire County Council, Trading Standards Officer, Nottinghamshire) writes: Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards are issuing a warning following a report of people falsely claiming to be selling cleaning products as part of a Probation Service rehabilitation program. Continue reading

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Have Your Say About Community Health Services

NHS LogoHealth commissioners in Nottinghamshire are asking the public to give their views about the types of services provided in their homes and in clinics such as district nursing, care of long term conditions, short term rehabilitation and end of life care. The public will get the chance to discuss what they think of these services at a special event hosted by health commissioners in parts of the county and being held in the Robin Hood Suite at Nottingham Forest Football club between 10am and 12pm Tuesday 24 February. People are asked to call ahead to book a place on  0800 028 3693 (option 2) Or email

Source: Email from Luke Barrett, Communications Manager (Nottinghamshire), Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit.

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Never Talk About Your Bank Account To Strangers

Action Fraud LogoAction Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) writes: Fraudsters are targeting people by “cold calling” them on the telephone.

The scam starts with the following simple activity: Continue reading

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