Public Meeting on Wednesday 26 November 2014

Old Golf Course Development Plans

All those interested are invited to attend a Public Meeting on Wednesday 26 November 2014 at 7.00pm until 9.00pm in Bramcote College off Moor Lane in their Main Hall.

During the Meeting Bramcote Hills Open Space Protection Group members will explain some of the details of the Outline Planning Application that has been submitted to Broxtowe B C Planning Department in respect of the Old Golf Course land. 

The plans are to develop part of the former Bramcote Hills Golf Course for use as a continuing care retirement and specialist care community consisting of accommodation units comprising up to 38 x 2 bed bungalows, 4 x 1 bed bungalows, 40 x 1 bed assisted care units and 18 x 1 bed flats together with specialist care/ancillary communal facilities.

In the meantime you may find out more at the Broxtowe BC Planning Department by going to this link.   

If you would like a copy of the Leaflet that is being distributed please click here Public Meeting Flyer.

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Can You Help Bramcote History Group Research Team?

Bramcote History Group Research Team is preparing a presentation on Bramcote Hall which will be given at the March 2015 meeting of Bramcote History Group.

The Research Team is looking for photographs of Scouts using the Hemlock Camp Site in what were the grounds of Bramcote Hall to include in the presentation.

If you are able to help, please contact Jill Ward by email

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Comments on Bramcote Today – Reminder

All comments submitted are moderated and must comply with our Comments and Posts Publication Policy. Pay particular attention to the name you use. A valid email address must be supplied.

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Closure of Devenshire Avenue at the Middle Street / Chilwell Road Junction

NET works update – As part of the expansion of tram services to Beeston and Chilwell, work to  construct new traffic islands on Devonshire Avenue at its junction with Chilwell Road and Middle Street is expected to start on Monday (24 November 2014).   Continue reading

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Steps 4 Success at Stapleford Work Club

Boost your confidence 
Feel motivated 
Get that job! 
Learn more about improving your health and well-being, and the changes jobseekers face
Limited places for this two week workshop:
Monday 24th November 2014   2.00pm – 4.30pm
Monday 8th December 2014     2.00pm – 4.30pm
This runs over two weeks and attendees should attend both dates. 
To book a place, please contact
Denise Stephenson
Tel: 07775 588756
or speak to Stapleford Library staff
Attendees must be aged 19 years and over
Please note this will replace the regular work club on these dates

Stapleford Library,
Church Street,
Nottingham NG9 8GA


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Closure of Stapleford Road, Trowell 15 January 2015 for 6 hours over night

The following is a copy of information sent to us by our Mayor, Councillor Stan Heptinstall.

Notice of Temporary Restriction of Stapleford Road, Trowell – For a distance of 20 metres either side of the railway bridge.   (Please refer to accompanying plan)KMBT_C454-20140213154640

Times and Dates: From 23:00 hours on Thursday 15th January 2015 until 05:00 hours on Friday 16th January 2015

Carried out for: Network Rail    Carried out by: Centurion Site Services

Nature of restriction: Full road closure (Temporary Prohibition of Driving) Continue reading

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Tram Works Special from Anna Soubry MP – 19 November 2014

Anna  Soubry  MPHello again,​   This is the promised “special” about the tram works. My thanks to Andrew Parkin, one of my constituency team, who is currently spending most of his time dealing with the huge number of emails and phone calls about the tram works.

It is perhaps a mark of the poor communication and bad planning that so much of our time is being taken up doing the job that others should be doing. However, we make no complaint and Andrew and I will continue to help everyone struggling with the tram works.

​As ever,   Anna Continue reading

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Nick Palmer’s latest newsletter

Hi all,

Life is exceptionally hectic at the moment, so just some quick updates this time.

  1. Eat ‘n Debate at “All Things Nice” Ilkeston
    This event is on Friday 21st November (this Friday) at “All Things Nice on Bath Street in Ilkeston, starting at 7-30. These events are friendly social evenings at which we have a meal and political chat introduced by me but really led by participants.  It costs £20 which includes £10 for the food and £10 for my campaign fund.  The menu is varied and caters for all tastes.  The food is excellent value and well served, and the restaurant is opening specially for us.  Please come and join us and make this event a real success.
    Two corrections on the previous announcement: it’s not a fish and chip restaurant but a general one, and in view of the approaching election we decided we’d just have an open discussion about whatever themes you’d like to raise. If you plan to come, please let me know (including those who confirmed previously, in case you were only coming for the fish and chips!) so they lay enough tables.

Continue reading

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Zero hours contracts – Nick Palmer explains the good & the bad.

A constituent asks me to explain why Labour wants to ban some kinds of zero hours contracts – why, and why not all? The explanation may interest others, so I’ll put it here. Regular readers will be relieved to hear it’s brief!
A zero hours contract is a standard agreement between company X and employee Y that Y will work at agreed terms and conditions, but without specification of how much.
Some zero hours contracts are binding, in the sense that Y is forbidden by the contract from taking other work, and must sit patiently awaiting work from X. This leaves him completely at X’s mercy. He can’t claim Job Seekers’ Allowance (since he is “unavailable for work”), and if X doesn’t have work for him for a few weeks, his income drops to nothing. If he should take some other work and therefore be unable to respond when X wants him, then X may well punish him by not offering him any further work.
That’s what we’d make illegal. Continue reading

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Concerned about dangerous driving?

The editors recently posted an article  entitled East Midlands roads are Britain’s most dangerous.  We had a number of comments which I referred to our local Beat Manager, PC Karl Barlow.  He has replied:

As I have stated numerous times at the CAT meetings I asked for the mobile speed camera teams to include A52 Derby Road, Bramcote as one of their locations.  I was told that the funding for the speed enforcement for the trunk roads comes from the Highways Agency and that they are not contributing to this pot at present.  I have made the case and it was agreed that this road would qualify, but that it would not be taken on due to this issue.  This is apparently an issue that was being discussed at a national level and once resolved, we should see A52 Derby Road, Bramcote added as a priority. Continue reading

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BLC swimming pool closed Sunday 23 November

swimming pool closed

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Broxtowe – Building a Dementia Friendly Community

Work is beginning on a pioneering scheme to build specially adapted bungalows for people with dementia in Broxtowe Borough later this month.

The scheme, which is the first of its kind in Nottinghamshire, will offer two x two bedroom bungalows, including a room for carers to help support the needs of individual tenants, together with an additional older person one bedroom bungalow. Continue reading

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News from David Watts, Broxtowe’s Liberal Democrat Leader 16 November 2014

David-Watts1. County Council Budget, 2. Borough Council Budget Consultation, 3. Wheelie Bins, 4. Season of Light Festival, 5. Awsworth Post Office, 6. Waste Textile Collection, 7. Field Farm, Stapleford, 8. A52 Closures, 9. Beeston Business Park , 10. Newmanleys Road, 11. Kimberley Bus Service, 12. Bramcote Crematorium Service of Remembrance, 13. Christmas Lights Switch On, 14. St Catherine’s Church Cossall Christmas Fair.  more including 24. Adoptions. Continue reading

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Planning Application has been submitted in respect of the Old Golf Course

Outline Application to develop part of the former Bramcote Hills Golf Course for use as a continuing care retirement and specialist care community consisting of accommodation units comprising up to 38 x 2 bed bungalows, 4 x 1 bed bungalows, 40 x 1 bed assisted care units and 18 x 1 bed flats together with specialist care/ancillary communal facilities.

The Bramcote Hills Open Space Protection Group are meeting shortly to discuss this and will probably call a public meeting.

In the meantime if you want to learn more at the Broxtowe Borough Council Planning Department Web Pages  click on this link.

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Home care staff desperately needed across the county

Paul Mckay, Service Director for Access and Public Protection Nottinghamshire County Council, writes:

We are very short of home care staff across the County which is significantly impacting on our ability to provide a home care service and discharge people from hospital.

Please see attached link for the Nottingham Post article and contact Direct Health (Broxtowe) on 0115 924 7030 or visit, for further information.

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News from Anna Soubry MP – 16 November 2014

Anna  Soubry  MPHello again,

Record numbers attended services throughout

Wreaths at Beeston Memorial

Wreaths at Beeston Memorial

Broxtowe as part of Remembrance Sunday. I would particularly like to thank everyone who represented me at the various wreath laying ceremonies whilst I attended the civic commemorations in Beeston.

On Armistice Day I was at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire in my capacity as the Minister for Veterans. It is always heartening to see children and young people joining in the various events to thank all those and their families who have given so much in service to our country. “For your tomorrow we gave our today” is a fitting epitaph.

Please scroll on for a mixed bag of news and views including some very good news about falling unemployment in Broxtowe.

As ever,  Anna Continue reading

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Concern relating to Tram & Bus Interchange in Beeston

Adrian Hirst  Writes:   As the new Beeston Tram and Bus Interchange nears completion I was quite surprised to note earlier in the week that there may still be some flexibility in its final configuration. The principal issues that are still of concern can perhaps be summarised in three sentences:-

  1. Lack of sensible turning arrangements for bus services terminating at Beeston.
  2. Lack of sensible turning arrangements for feeder services that were agreed as essential for maximising the benefits of the Tram.
  3. Lack of connectivity with bus services for local communities via Wollaton Road.

Continue reading

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Bramcote Crematorium’s annual Christmas Service of Remembrance – 7 December

Christmas can be a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones. Local people are invited to Bramcote Crematorium’s annual Christmas Service of Remembrance next month to come together to remember loved ones who are no longer with us. Families and friends are being invited to the service at the Bramcote Crematorium on Sunday 7th December 2014 at 2.00pm in the Main service chapel. Continue reading

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Hope for Toton’s Green Belt?

Anna  Soubry  MPOn Tuesday evening Broxtowe Councillors debated the Council’s plans to build on Toton’s Green Belt.

Conservative Councillors successfully argued that the Council should not be working towards its previous plans for a “strategic location for growth” following the recent announcement that the HS2 hub may not be built at Toton.

Following a lengthy debate the committee voted to recommend that there should be no building on Toton’s Green Belt if the station is built elsewhere. This was opposed by Labour Councillors despite their leader, Cllr Milan Radulovic, previously promising “If HS2 doesn’t come we will be opposing the 500 homes. If it doesn’t go ahead nothing will go ahead.” The only Lib Dem present, Cllr David Watts, abstained from voting.

The recommendation will now go to the Council’s Cabinet later this year.

Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry said, “Cllr Radulovic must now show us that he meant what he said when he promised no building at Toton if HS2 does not go ahead there. So far his own councillors have appeared to demonstrate that these were just hollow words”.

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Anna Soubry MP “For your tomorrow we gave our today”

Anna Soubry PoppyIt’s an honour to be your MP and I am also very proud to be the Minister for Veterans – especially at this time of the year. The commemorations to mark the start of World War1, have raised the recognition and thanks for the great sacrifices made by generations of soldiers, sailors and airmen and women. I believe they have raised even higher, the regard and respect for our serving men and women and their families.

In my time as your MP I have seen the crowds grow at the Remembrance Sunday civic ceremony in Beeston and am told it’s the same throughout Broxtowe. Continue reading

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The Shape of Bramcote – A Matter of Great Concern.

Bramcote Conservation SocietyGeorge Read, Bramcote Conservation Society writes: I very much enjoy reading what is going on in Broxtowe each Monday morning when I read the Broxtowe e-news edited by Councillor David Watts. It is very informative. However, this Monday 3rd November I was very concerned to read about the situation re Toton and the need to include this in the Core Strategy. On further reading I then read about Mr Watts having ‘spent the last few weeks vetoing proposals by some Labour councillors to permit building all the way alongside the A52 from Bardills to Bramcote.’ Continue reading

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Sporting Success from The Bramcote School‏

Richard Bateman, Head of Schools Sport, The Bramcote School writes: The Y9 Netball y9 netballersteam from The Bramcote School have continued to show the others teams in the county how to play. After winning their Nottinghamshire Central Venue League , defeating schools such as George Spencer, Trinity, Redhill and Arnold Hill without loosing a game, they progressed to the finals. Here they played The Girls High School and All Saints School from Mansfield who were their league winners. The Bramcote team started strongly and were never headed by the High School in the first game, winning 11 -9. They then went straight on to play All Saints. Again with some excellent netball and shooting, the team were never headed and won convincingly 15 -9.

This means that The Bramcote Y9 Netball team are the champions of the Nottinghamshire central venue leagues, playing 9 and not loosing a game

y11 netballersThe Y11 Netball team from The Bramcote School have had an impressive half term of Netball. They have competed in 3 competitions and have only lost 4 times. They played in the Nottinghamshire Central Venue league and qualified for the finals after only loosing once. In these they were unlucky to loose their first match which meant that they came overall 3rd out of 15 schools. They then went and played in the Nottinghamshire County Tournament where again they only lost once, to the eventual winners The Girls High School. This meant they came 4th overall on goals scored. Finally they have played in the local Broxtowe Tournament where again they lost only once and therefore were the runners up of the tournament.

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